‘Latest Posts’ lies to me! (and why I couldn’t be religious)

I check my global dashboard, and use the ‘latest posts’ section down the bottom to find recent and interesting things to comment on.
But I clicked one post (about lethal injections as execution) and it was from 2006!!!
And I was frustrated, because it was a topic I was interested in, but I didn’t want to comment on a post so old.
It also made me concerned I had commented on other old posts without realising it.
And it often seems to show a lot of blog posts from the same people – at first I think they’re fake copy-paste posts from spammers, but they seem to be fairly legitimate, but how could they have all been posted so recently? maybe they’re all old posts!
Does ‘latest’ actually mean LATE-est to WordPress? as in they were made ages ago?


Anyway, on a very different topic that popped into my head for little reason.
On my phones ‘notes’ I have some thoughts for my blog that I haven’t posted, or have posted later but forgotten to use my notes as a reference O.o; lol
I wrote this after my Christian friend said something about the ‘unimportant’ or ‘less important’ parts of The Bible.
And one of them is ‘I could never be religious’ (thinking of Christianity in particular)
It says;

“I just could not be Christian.
I think a Christian should believe every word in The Bible – not what they chose to be important or unimportant, hello, it’s the fucking WORD OF GOD, I would think it’s all important!
But a lot of things it says in The Bible, I could not believe, because I think they’re wrong.
Truly, I believe, that The Bible is written by men (albeit, Saints or whatever, but MEN) and whether or not they had guidance from God or not, they would’ve put their own bias or opinion into what they wrote, or interpreted God’s word incorrectly, due to their own bias.
So, I cannot believe everything in The Bible, I would have to pick and choose, like all of the others do, to be happy with it.
But I could not be happy because I could not pick and choose! Who am I to pick and choose!?
If I was Christian, it would be fake, it would be a lie.
And it wouldn’t make me happy at all.”

I think I still believe all that now.
Keep in mind that was really written for me, not for other people.
A main point I dislike about religion, is that people of OTHER religions are going to Hell – they believe just as much and as hard as any one else, and they love their God, and live just and respectful lives… they believe that they have put their faith in the right thing… but they’re going to Hell? for having faith?
And also, that if I became a Christian, it would mean thinking that my mother and most of my family would be going to Hell, even though they are good, beautiful, amazing people… mostly :p

And, I watch a show called The Tudors, about Henry The 8th, and there was a lot of religious persecution going on around then.
People got burnt because, even though they believed in the same God as the people punishing them, they didn’t believe that consecrated bread became the flesh of God.
I’m with them, really – it’s symbolism.
And, as one ‘heretic’ woman (Anne Askew?) said, “I have read that God made man, but no where have I read that man can make God.”

If it was real, Jesus would be sitting in Heaven, pale, with chunks taken out of his arm, going “yeah, thanks a lot”.
And, if you are what you eat, then does that mean that Catholics are Jesus!? O.O;
Also, I like to imagine a women going to communion, being offered the wafer, and going “I’m on a diet”.

It’s okay, because “he’s a guy”? and other sexism

I thought about this ages ago and forgot to blog about it, so forgive me if I’m a bit all over the place, I’m trying to remember my point! lol

ah, ‘The Line’ is a page on Facebook run by The Australian Government.
They ask questions, do polls, and give and ask for advice on relationships.
It’s goal is to talk about what trusting, healthy, and respectful relationships are, and whether or not people are ‘crossing the line’.

One poll was about bragging – if you hook-up with a hottie, do you brag about it to everyone, or keep it to yourself, and why?
I said I wouldn’t brag, because it’s no one else’s business, and I wouldn’t want to seem like an attention seeking whore.
There is also the issue of being considerate for the person you hooked up with – maybe they don’t want that spread around, and are private people.
And I started to think, maybe, that when guys brag and behave like attention seeking whores, they aren’t called out on it – or they are, but then it is quickly dismissed as them ‘just being a guy’.
I might be wrong, girls just seem to get a bit more persecution for this, and unless it’s a sexist prick saying it, they don’t have the excuse of ‘just being a girl’.

But that being said, I think the ‘just being a guy’ thing is sexist to both genders.
The guys get an excuse for their behaviour where girls don’t, and are in a way encouraged to behave badly or disrespectfully.
It’s also a bit of a nasty generalisation, like “oh, all guys behave like that”, like they are all sleazy or egotistical.
And while I wouldn’t encourage the same behaviour in women, it’s like… men are allowed to objectify women, but women aren’t allowed to objectify men?

Another thing about sexism…
On the news recently they were talking about how the modern Australian guy is more likely to be good at cooking, cleaning and parenting, as opposed to handy-man stuff.
So they were saying it was unfair that men are expected to do everything (domestic stuff, and handy-man stuff, and bring home the bacon)… but what they were forgetting, is that so are women.
Modern women are traditionally expected to take care of all the domestic chores (as men are traditionally expected to take care of fixing things, lifting things, etc), but they are now expected to work jobs as well as raise their children, and I think most women learn how to use a hammer and nail.

And, as a modern girl, I believe in the whole “women can do everything a man can do” thing, but that doesn’t mean we’re the same.
Actually, when I think about it, I think men are better equipped to do ‘everything’ than women, even thought most modern women may think otherwise.
Womens bodies are built differently… we’re not as strong, not as built for labour (apart from, ya know, labour as in child-birth) – so unless we’ve bulked up through exercise, not so good for ‘handy-man’ stuff.
But men have stronger bodies naturally, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take care of children or clean the house.
The only thing men don’t have, are boobies, but you can feed your baby with powder formulas now anyway (though I’m pretty sure boobies are the way to go).

Now, there is a lot of sexism still alive today, and probably always will be, because not all forms of sexism are considered to be wrong.
They might be called the ‘nice kind’ of sexist, and really are considered to be good manners, and good old fashioned values, although to some women its just as condemnable as other forms of sexism.
For example, not hitting a girl, even if she hits you – I guess this is considered similar to hitting a child… it’s someone who is supposed to be weaker than you, and you are supposed to protect them.
Now, if I hit a guy, I would NOT want him to hit me back, lol… they would do like 5 times the damage I did to them.
How about holding the door open for a lady? it’s just a nice gesture… and occasionally I do the same for old people, children, but not just them, I also hold the door open for fit adults of either gender if I feel like it… I would hold the door open for kids the same age as me at school sometimes.

When I was watching The Tudors recently, a woman was tortured for being a ‘heretic’… it seemed to me, that it was worse, for them to be torturing a woman than if they were torturing a man – maybe it seemed worse to me because it was worse for some of the characters, like a nice young man that went to tell the King about it (only to be told it’s okay because she’s a heretic…. that makes everything better!)
But ofcourse, I hate to see the men tortured too, and they get tortured in worse ways (hot poker up the rear, anyone?).

Anyway, then they burned her.
I’m thinking of a quote from Ducky from NCIS – “women will never be equal in our eyes until they’re equal in death”.
It was different when a female agent died, they felt they should’ve protected her, or maybe that she shouldn’t have been in harms way in the first place.

And now my thoughts are all over the place because I started talking about TV shows, lol… well, been typing for like 2 hours… so…. *gives up*

I guess my final point was – is it a bad thing to want to protect people? I think I’d be quite glad to have a boyfriend with the ‘nice kind of sexism’, although I know at times it might bother me.
Oh, and that I will call guys out as attention seeking whores when they are, no excuses! lol.

Oh, oh, and um… I would call myself a feminist.. maybe a ‘mild’ feminist, lol, but I do believe in women’s rights and equality, but there is a point some feminists (not all) reach where it’s just sexism towards men.
And I think maybe thats the kind of feminist that is offended by men wanting to protect her or assist her – maybe thats just denial that women and men ARE different, and women DO have some disadvantages.
I admit children aren’t as developed as adults, and I am a child – I admit women are built different from men, and I am a woman.