What I would like to say on Facebook

I have zero tolerance for fake stories, especially when they contain ignorance and bigotry.
Don’t say “even if it’s not true, it has a message!” because that means it’s manipulative. And if it’s falsely attributed to a person it could be hurtful.
Lies are malicious.
Marilyn Monroe died before ‘size 0’ existed. Bill Cosby never said that. Facebook will not give dying children money for ‘likes’ or ‘shares’. That child does not have that disease.
With the latter, people say “oh but its raising awareness!”… raising awareness for a disease that child does not have, causing misunderstandings about the disease, using a photo STOLEN from that childs parents, even though that child does have a real disease awareness could be raised for.
That is sick.
Do you think about who writes and creates these fake stories? what could their motive possibly be?
You’re not helping any one by misleading them.
Stop and think about if that chain letter is really the message you want to send, something you want to be associated with.
Also, you’re on the internet – use it. Google it. There is no excuse.
And now that I’m at the end of my rant, do you like telling all your friends “if you dont agree you’re part of the problem” or “if you don’t share you are heartless”?
I use my own words to express myself, maybe you should too.


There are many things frustrating me right now.
The first would be my family’s situation.
We rent and our lease is up soon.

So, we’ve been looking at other houses, but even if we do find one with extra room for my sister to move back in, there are problems like only one bathroom, no parking space, distance, expense, etc.
The house we are in currently isn’t that good – the air conditioner doesn’t work, it’s damp and mouldy, my bathroom has no window and a weak fan, the ensuite has a window and no fan, half of our lights don’t work or have no bulbs, and we can’t replace the bulbs because we can’t find the same size, or the socket is broken.

And yes, I spent the first year of my life in a shed, and I’ve probably been in houses worse than this, but I don’t remember living in the shed and I shouldn’t have to be in shitty houses!
And we have been so screwed around, with sisters moving in and out, my study area getting shoved from study to dining room,  that I feel like we haven’t settled yet!

But now that my sister is gone again, and my bedroom is finally how I want it and my boxes are almost unpacked (it took me a year…), I don’t want to move yet, because I feel like we’ve just moved in!
I don’t want to spend another year doing nothing, because we have to pack up and move, organise our stuff, probably find room for my sister again.
I want to learn, I want to sew, I want to blog, I want to make things and enjoy things and feel like I’m doing something with my life, and the moments I’ve felt like that have been few and far between!
I have missed years of my life because of this shit.
I’m growing up too fast, and I have been my whole life, and I don’t want to get a job and move out, but in three years (more like two) I’m going to be an adult, and I have to have money, and I can’t live with my parents forever.

And I want so many things that I can’t have.
And I don’t want to, but I feel angry and resentful at my sisters because they make stupid decisions, and keep moving around, and have trouble supporting themselves because they’ve thrown good situations away!
Because it’s making things harder for my parents, and it’s making things harder for me, on top of feeling bad that my sisters have to go through this shit.
I’m still waiting for my carved chest, and my bed, and only because all of my scrapbooking stuff is now living un-organised and unusable on the table do I have a bookcase!
I want to have my pretty, perfect, happy, organised little life, I just want it.

(Note: when I read through this next part I heard it with an stuck-up English accent, and I encourage you to do the same, for funsies)
Also putting a damper on my mood is a stupid argument I had with someone on Facebook last night.
I shared the exact same opinion, but because I said “SOME do and SOME don’t” because I didn’t want to generalise, she told me in big caps THEY ALL DO and when I politely explained she told me to piss off.
Then her sister said “everyone has a different opinion”.
(and then she – she piss-off-er-er – said “you dont understand the situation”, if thats aimed at me… of course I don’t, because I didn’t know there was a situation to not understand! If there is a situation, thats your problem, and not something I was talking about at all…)
And here I am, sitting with the SAME OPINION, just more thought out, and not blindly agreeing to everything said.
Apparently people don’t like that, they want me to yell “HECK YEAH” with no more thought to it.

And this happens a lot – people thinking I’m disagreeing when I’m actually agreeing.
And then they get mad, well, even if I am disagreeing with you, you have to deal with the fact that not everyone thinks what you think.
I know that can be hard – I get very upset whenever I share my opinion with Mum and she doesn’t agree, because she is my mother I think my opinion is automatically invalid and wrong, and that I’ve been bad somehow.
But random people, you just have to get over it, and not be too much of a douche.

I wonder if there is something in my tone of… typing, that intimidates or angers people, because I generally mean to be very polite, even if I’m annoyed, but I guess there is some sort of superiority or contempt in my words – well, maybe there wouldn’t be if they weren’t so bloody stupid.
And I often use rather long words and sound very pompous, which I like about myself because I balance it by making stupid jokes, and I suppose that may enrage the feeble minded because they can’t wrap their heads around what I’m saying.

Also, I invited my friend over for the weekend (which is, um, tomorrow) and she hasn’t replied!! I asked her last week, and sent her a message and a comment on Facebook yesterday. It’s just a bit upsetting because I haven’t seen her in a while, it’s hard enough getting courage to ask someone over, and I don’t really want her over next weekend because my Mum will be gone for a week and I don’t want to dump all the responsibility on Dad, although the company would be nice…
And my jaw hurts, although I happily find the pain dissipating.

P.S :: oh, and poor flood damaged Queensland now has been hit by a cyclone.
Everyone in Australia is saying ‘FML’.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 {SPOILERS}

This is a big spoiler post.

A very big spoiler post.

If you are opposed to spoilers, go away.

Kinda wondering how to make like an ‘after a jump’ thing so it doesn’t spoiler things.

Lets click this button.


Paedophilia, Adults Acting Like Children, ‘Praying’

This is a big blog post of random things I’ve been thinking about for months, because it seems dicky to make three separate blog posts in the same day.

I’ll start of with the use of the word ‘praying’, because that’s my oldest thought.
I don’t like it when people, religious or otherwise, use the word ‘praying’ as if its the same as ‘wishing’ or ‘hoping’.
It’s especially annoying when religious people do it, because I don’t know whether they mean it as wishing/hoping or in the religious sense.
I’ve seen a Christian girl on Facebook say someting like “I’m praying I get this job”, and I think she may have even asked people to pray for her – to me, that seems selfish, and shallow, and like a… I don’t know, an abuse of God.
You should get a job on your own merit, NOT because you asked a divine power.
It reminds me of in Glee when Finn was praying to his Grilled Cheesus to let him touch Rachel’s boob!


Another thing thats been bugging me lately, is adults acting like children.
I don’t mean those that are young at heart, because I don’t believe in age limits; when I’m an adult I’ll still watch cartoons and cry at Disney movies.
I mean the kind of adults I’ve encountered on Facebook, that behave like ‘children’ in a very negative sense of the word, the way they themselves would describe kids, but are still ageist and demand respect from those younger than them when they show none in return.

They are ignorant, uneducated, they are crass and abusive – these are things a lot of people may expect from someone my age.
They cuss out and even threaten teenagers, all the while saying things like “your just a kid, get a life”… hello, you are the grown adult on Facebook verbally abusing ‘kids’ – maybe you need to get a life.
And often the teens they get into arguments with, conduct themselves with ten times the maturity, and never resort to swear words, while all the ‘grown-ups’ can say is ‘douche bag’ and ‘fuck off’.
I pointed out that they were upsetting their own family (cus this was on their nieces wall) and that it was shameful, and they told their niece to tell me to ‘fuck off or else’ – that is a threat, albeit an empty one.

You know what this teaches me? Not to respect my elders.
And is someone my elder when two years ago they were a teenager just like me? I don’t think so.
Just because they’ve lived for longer than me, that doesn’t mean they are more mature, or smarter, than I am.
Older people lament the loss of this way of thinking, but it just does not apply to life any more…
Elders used to be respected because towns were much smaller, and the oldest villagers had lived there all their lives, and so would’ve been very knowledgeable, right?
And if people in this day and age no longer blindly give their trust and respect to ‘elders’, maybe that’s a good thing (but you should respect people in general, and they should respect you in return)

Adults are supposed to protect children, not threaten them, not corrupt them.


And this leads me to another subject I’ve been thinking about – paedophilia.
Most people have heard about that ‘Pedophiles Guide’ that was on Amazon dot com.
The author (Philip R. Greaves II) of that book said ‘some children even enjoy these encounters’…
Okay, I’d like to put a huge emphasis on the word some
But I have heard of victims of paedophilia that say they were not abused, but were loved.
(That kinda reminds me of Stockholm Syndrome, but anyway)
It is still abuse.
The reason why it is abuse, is because they are children.

Even if they did make the decision to have sexual relations with an adult, they could not fully understand the consequences of their decision.
I mean, human’s bodies and brains have so much development to go through, that lasts for a very long time, and children do not have fully developed decision making skills – not just because they don’t have the same level of experiences and knowledge as an adult, but because that part of their brain is still growing.
I’m a child myself still, so I am not being ageist or discriminatory, I’m pretty damn sure that is fact, and I’m just accepting it.

The author of the book also complained about how paedophiles are portrayed in the media, movies and tv shows.
He said they were always kidnappers, rapists and murderers.
For starters, they are rapists – ‘statutory rape’ is sex with a minor.
And I have also seen them portrayed as people that ‘groom’ children, gain the trust of the children (and the parents)… how do the children know whats going on isn’t right? how can they tell their parents? this person is like a family friend or even a family member.
And I think that is the kind of paedophile that author and that book represents, and it’s no less wrong and no less horrifying than any other kind – in fact, I think it may be worse.


If I were a good blogger I guess I’d have references and links and pictures for everything I’ve said, but I’m not, because I’m not a journalist, and I’m not here to enlighten people, I’m just here to rant about what I think.