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I’m spending an embarrassing amount of time playing Draw Something 2.
My username is Missquin, look me up if you have it.

I’ll admit some things that bug me about DS2…. I don’t like people on there going around calling themselves artists, making tutorials (so we can all draw like you cause you be so good daaamn) and ‘FAQ’s about themselves (you’re a celebrity now huh) like FOR CHRISTS SAKE. It is a game. And I don’t feel like people fingerpainting on their expensive toys is the same as pencil and paper / brush and canvas art. Yeah, I’m intolerant. I’m also going to pretend I don’t have an album on Facebook called ‘artwork’ that has phone doodles in it.
I really win by handicap because they use iPads, styluses and references and I don’t. I’m a cowboy.

WordPress for iPhone

I’m typing (or rather, tapping ;p) this up on my iPhone 3GS using a WordPress application I got from the AppStore.
I think it was made by Automattic.

But I’m kinda scared to use it because there were many, many bad reviews that said it crashed frequently when editing and posting, and you can lose everything you just wrote!
That is not good with my tendancy for big long rants, and I would be crushed and never blog again!

So far it seems easy enough to use, not too bad.
Just not sure if I can risk all my thinkings getting deleted.
I’m going to watch The Empire Strike Back Now, in the pyjamas I’ve been in all day.
I have a very thrilling life, don’t cha know!


EDIT:: Why does this have like my 4th highest views? c’mon, people, go look at something else (hopefully still on my blog ;D)
This post sucks, and you know what, so does the app =/ lol (well, for a little while, it seems fixed now, but whatever)