Re-watching the Melbourne Gala Comedy Festival (is that the right order of mumbo jumbo?) reminds me of a Facebook post I read a while ago.
The nice lesbian woman sums it up
“Someone once told me “don’t take a pill, just think happy thoughts!” and I was like “you think I haven’t thought of that already?”  Telling a depressed person to get over it is like telling an amputee to get a grip.”

My… friend… posted two statuses within minutes of each other I found quite conflicting.
First was basically “we all go through shit but we don’t all complain about it, you need to move on. instead of whining why don’t you do something about it. Just a thought…”
The next, 2 MINUTES LATER, was “don’t pick on depressed people okay it’s probably bitches like you that made them depressed SHUT UP”

I be like honey (I’m ghetto fabulous now), listen to future you and shut up.
People must really hate themselves if they’re going to take that “thought” of yours.
“oh no, I’ve sunken so low I’m going to take this insultingly simple advice that I’ve heard a million times before, just because it came from this teenage faux-therapist.”

I did have a thoughtful argument for her, really, but even though she is addressing “you” she is thinking of one specific person, and when you try to counter that they refute everything you say – “no, it’s not like that, they definitely are a bitch when they do x and y ALWAYS” – and it’s hard to defend someone you don’t know.
So I just mocked her in my own Facebook status.

And I probably took it personally as a complainer and a labradoodle.
If you don’t complain, you don’t get what you want, you don’t process all your thoughts and feelings, you don’t combat societal ills, you don’t protect yourself.
Complaint is an action.
You can just get bogged down in complaint, and you don’t know where to go from there… and it’s actually a scary and confusing place to be, I’ve lived years of my life like that.
I don’t like it, and if you don’t either, don’t read it.
It’s for my own sake.

P.S not that this is either post nor script – Apparently ‘reminds’ isn’t a word.

things that make me go umm




^ what the heck kind of message is this supposed to send?



^ this was posted by mink pink. they were adequately shamed by their fans.

this is not an accurate horoscope, this is a bag of dicks.

I hate that horoscope everyones been posting.
(the picture I’ve seen with it recently doesn’t even have the correct dates!!)
You know, the one that starts by threatening you with a lifetime of bad luck if you don’t share it.
And then throws a bunch of ridiculous, contradictory adjectives and statements into each star sign.
The Libra one has nothing to do with balance or empathy – but hey, apparently I love sport (no)
My cousin (who I could write a dozen posts on but I fear she’d find them) shared it with ‘sooo me’… are you proud? apparently you’re a childish, ill-tempered slut. Oh and all the cliche’d nice qualities too somehow.
How is someone a promiscuous loner who loves long term relationships? How do you treat everyone with kindness and defend your loved ones if you also hold grudges and make people cry?
My cousin does have half of the qualities listed (guess which) …….
I just read most of them again and THEY’RE ALL THE SAME.
One might say ‘great cook’ or whatever but they almost all say ‘one of a kind’, ‘not one to mess with’, ‘loud’…
And Libra is the worst because all of it is recycled words from all the other horoscopes except for ‘likes sports’.
Maybe it’s a comment on the state of humanity, but why are we all described as ‘holding grudges’, ‘make you cry’… even the horoscope for the star sign that said ‘very forgiving’ =\
We’re just disgusting, dumb people aren’t we?

What I would like to say on Facebook

I have zero tolerance for fake stories, especially when they contain ignorance and bigotry.
Don’t say “even if it’s not true, it has a message!” because that means it’s manipulative. And if it’s falsely attributed to a person it could be hurtful.
Lies are malicious.
Marilyn Monroe died before ‘size 0’ existed. Bill Cosby never said that. Facebook will not give dying children money for ‘likes’ or ‘shares’. That child does not have that disease.
With the latter, people say “oh but its raising awareness!”… raising awareness for a disease that child does not have, causing misunderstandings about the disease, using a photo STOLEN from that childs parents, even though that child does have a real disease awareness could be raised for.
That is sick.
Do you think about who writes and creates these fake stories? what could their motive possibly be?
You’re not helping any one by misleading them.
Stop and think about if that chain letter is really the message you want to send, something you want to be associated with.
Also, you’re on the internet – use it. Google it. There is no excuse.
And now that I’m at the end of my rant, do you like telling all your friends “if you dont agree you’re part of the problem” or “if you don’t share you are heartless”?
I use my own words to express myself, maybe you should too.


There are many things frustrating me right now.
The first would be my family’s situation.
We rent and our lease is up soon.

So, we’ve been looking at other houses, but even if we do find one with extra room for my sister to move back in, there are problems like only one bathroom, no parking space, distance, expense, etc.
The house we are in currently isn’t that good – the air conditioner doesn’t work, it’s damp and mouldy, my bathroom has no window and a weak fan, the ensuite has a window and no fan, half of our lights don’t work or have no bulbs, and we can’t replace the bulbs because we can’t find the same size, or the socket is broken.

And yes, I spent the first year of my life in a shed, and I’ve probably been in houses worse than this, but I don’t remember living in the shed and I shouldn’t have to be in shitty houses!
And we have been so screwed around, with sisters moving in and out, my study area getting shoved from study to dining room,  that I feel like we haven’t settled yet!

But now that my sister is gone again, and my bedroom is finally how I want it and my boxes are almost unpacked (it took me a year…), I don’t want to move yet, because I feel like we’ve just moved in!
I don’t want to spend another year doing nothing, because we have to pack up and move, organise our stuff, probably find room for my sister again.
I want to learn, I want to sew, I want to blog, I want to make things and enjoy things and feel like I’m doing something with my life, and the moments I’ve felt like that have been few and far between!
I have missed years of my life because of this shit.
I’m growing up too fast, and I have been my whole life, and I don’t want to get a job and move out, but in three years (more like two) I’m going to be an adult, and I have to have money, and I can’t live with my parents forever.

And I want so many things that I can’t have.
And I don’t want to, but I feel angry and resentful at my sisters because they make stupid decisions, and keep moving around, and have trouble supporting themselves because they’ve thrown good situations away!
Because it’s making things harder for my parents, and it’s making things harder for me, on top of feeling bad that my sisters have to go through this shit.
I’m still waiting for my carved chest, and my bed, and only because all of my scrapbooking stuff is now living un-organised and unusable on the table do I have a bookcase!
I want to have my pretty, perfect, happy, organised little life, I just want it.

(Note: when I read through this next part I heard it with an stuck-up English accent, and I encourage you to do the same, for funsies)
Also putting a damper on my mood is a stupid argument I had with someone on Facebook last night.
I shared the exact same opinion, but because I said “SOME do and SOME don’t” because I didn’t want to generalise, she told me in big caps THEY ALL DO and when I politely explained she told me to piss off.
Then her sister said “everyone has a different opinion”.
(and then she – she piss-off-er-er – said “you dont understand the situation”, if thats aimed at me… of course I don’t, because I didn’t know there was a situation to not understand! If there is a situation, thats your problem, and not something I was talking about at all…)
And here I am, sitting with the SAME OPINION, just more thought out, and not blindly agreeing to everything said.
Apparently people don’t like that, they want me to yell “HECK YEAH” with no more thought to it.

And this happens a lot – people thinking I’m disagreeing when I’m actually agreeing.
And then they get mad, well, even if I am disagreeing with you, you have to deal with the fact that not everyone thinks what you think.
I know that can be hard – I get very upset whenever I share my opinion with Mum and she doesn’t agree, because she is my mother I think my opinion is automatically invalid and wrong, and that I’ve been bad somehow.
But random people, you just have to get over it, and not be too much of a douche.

I wonder if there is something in my tone of… typing, that intimidates or angers people, because I generally mean to be very polite, even if I’m annoyed, but I guess there is some sort of superiority or contempt in my words – well, maybe there wouldn’t be if they weren’t so bloody stupid.
And I often use rather long words and sound very pompous, which I like about myself because I balance it by making stupid jokes, and I suppose that may enrage the feeble minded because they can’t wrap their heads around what I’m saying.

Also, I invited my friend over for the weekend (which is, um, tomorrow) and she hasn’t replied!! I asked her last week, and sent her a message and a comment on Facebook yesterday. It’s just a bit upsetting because I haven’t seen her in a while, it’s hard enough getting courage to ask someone over, and I don’t really want her over next weekend because my Mum will be gone for a week and I don’t want to dump all the responsibility on Dad, although the company would be nice…
And my jaw hurts, although I happily find the pain dissipating.

P.S :: oh, and poor flood damaged Queensland now has been hit by a cyclone.
Everyone in Australia is saying ‘FML’.

“Ban The Burqa” is BS!

I hate the “Ban The Burqa” debate.

It started with an overreaction to a couple of robberies involving burqas.
I think only one occurred in Australia.
People started calling for it to be banned.
This is completely stupid and wrong.

Stores and banks have the freedom to put up signs saying something like “No burqas covering the face”, just as they have done with motorcycle helmets and other such things.
That is fair, people should not enter banks with their face concealed.

The only reason to ban the burqa, considering this, must come from bigotry and intolerance.
Calling it “un-Australian”… I’m sorry, but WTF is Australian culture??
The stereotype of beaches and surfies and beer? or boomerangs and bush tucker and Dreamtime?

The first can also be said of many places in America, and the second is always going to be apart of Australia, that can’t be changed by what I’ve always thought of Australia as – a welcoming, friendly, country that embraces all cultures and peoples!

What about sarongs? they’re Hawaiian… >>;

People complain that it’s a sign of oppression, that it’s slavery of women, etc.
Yes, some women may be forced to wear the burqa by their father, brothers, husband.

But what about woman that WANT to wear the burqa?
They see it as a sign of their faith!
By banning the burqa WE would become their oppressors!!!

A part of their religion is modesty, being humble, not possessing shallow and material objects.

And this makes me think… of Nuns.
They wear their habits, and dress conservatively, to be modest, and as a symbol of their religion, as a sign of their love and obedience to their Saviour.
They also do not possess material objects.

Do we see Nuns habits as oppression to women?

A mural has recently been painted on a wall somewhere (yeah, I’m too lazy to check where in Australia) of a Muslim woman, in a Burqa, with one of those big red ban signs over her. and it says ‘ban the burqa’.

The painter claims this is not hateful, nor directed at Muslims, or Islam, but at ‘extremism’.

Wearing a special article of clothing, which you interpret as part of your religion, is extremism?

What about that big hat the Pope wears?

And, I understand that burqas can appear intimidating.
Someone walking towards you, dressed entirely in black, just their eyes showing, it can be frightening, also because its so alien and different from us.
I admit I prefer sari’s, all pretty and bright, but that goes against the conservative meaning of the burqa.

Banning the burqa would be an act of extremism. An act of oppression. And an act that is UN-AUSTRALIAN.

Or, I think so, anyway.


(I would reply to Abu if I had a translator that did what I wanted it to, sorry, so this is not a reply)
I found a comment in my spam filter for this post that said ‘i see what you did there’, and for a moment I thought it was a real comment, because, omg, I DID do something there to see!
but, sadly, it came from a link to a weight watching site =/ I’m so disappointed

Motivation = Dead (an actual real post of importance, involving what I’m supposed to talk about, which is me, and homeschooling. shocker.)

And so it has been for most of this year.
Most of my life, maybe.

This was supposed to be a year of doing things and having things and being happy.
Mum and Dad got back together, Mum left her job to stay home with me, Dad got a job, and they weren’t going to move in together and start hating each other, and I was going to start homeschooling and DESCHOOLING, to get all that crap out of me.

Then we were forced to move because the house was being sold (we rent), and we ended up in this dodgy place where everything’s cold and wet, the bathroom floors are covered in silastic for the dust to stick to, and the pantry is so big you could live in it but it’s impossible to reach any food or utilise the space.
And it costs the same as a four bedroom two bathroom house with its own beach that just popped up on the market =/

My sister moved back home the other month, robbing me of my study space, and now I’m pushed out into the corner of the dining room with my stupid little desk and squeaky chair, just after I had gotten my real office back into shape and started to muster my motivation! D=
She wanted to bring her mattress instead of being normal and sleeping on the spare bed, so she dumped it on the floor, and when we picked it up the other day there was a large amount of mold growing under it.
And the hot water system sucks… I hate cold showers.

Oh, and histamine intolerance is a bitca, as I have recently discovered.
I should be on a proper diet, because I really don’t want to be walking around at summer time with excema and hives all over my legs.
Just to share with you all.

And… I just find myself to be bitter, and grudge holding, and close to tears a lot of the time, having to think of stupid things every day.
Thinking of stupid things that stupid people at stupid school did to me in their stupidity.
Still angry about my Dad being jobless, living with his parents, which probably all started with my Mum deciding to be a lesbian in her anti-depression medicated state (and this happened like 3 years ago).
Mind you, she probably would’ve become a lesbian anyway, just not have been so “la di da everythings fine” about it.
Constantly frustrated and disappointed with my siblings, even though they don’t really live with me anymore (minus temporary younger-older sister staying), I always think about what they did/said when/where.

And homeschooling is wigging me out, even though I’m barely doing anything.
Earlier this year the home edu lady gave me a “get out of school free” card until the end of NEXT year, because I was enthusiastic and creative, but when that time comes I’m going to actually have something to show for it.
I lost the motivation to do my lessons properly about the same time I lost motivation at school (early/mid ‘term 2’), and I didn’t even have people harassing me here, and I actually CHOSE the work I was doing.

I had exciting projects, studying a country a month, learning about Gustav Klimt, designing fashion and reading Jane Austen.
But somehow my excitement went away and I was just left with “I don’t care”.
And that was my state, thats what I said to everything, school-related at least.
Because, whats the point?
I don’t HATE doing Maths, but I saw no point in it, I wasn’t going to use it.
I liked the idea of my ‘monthly country’ thing, but the work was frustrating, the research and the organizing… I can be fairly OCD/perfectionist, but at the same time I just get sick of things and give up.
Somehow I just didn’t REALLY care about anything, as nice as the ideas were or as interesting and exciting I tried to make it.

At best I’d draw, and do some English, and sew, because thats what I liked.
I’ve been trying to get back into it, but it’s really hard.
Mum told me just to do what I wanted, but I feel like that’s not enough.
My problem is I don’t know if I feel so incredibly stressed (my TMJ clicks like a… idk, something that clicks) because I’m not doing enough to satisfy myself or if I’m not doing enough to satisfy someone elses idea of what my education should be!
And thats been my problem for months now.

I guess I can’t be TOO unmotivated if I managed to spew all this out, but it’s taken a long time to get around to it, yet I’ve barely talked about anything, really.
I’m just frustrated with this half-life I’m living… I’m in limbo.

I also wasn’t too unmotivated to kick the crap out of The Legend Of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time for Nintendo 64! =3
except now I’m realising my Nintendo thumb hasn’t been painfully swollen in a while… I don’t think I’ve even played it for a week.
Even my gaming motivation is wavering T-T damn Gerudo guards!

Anyway, I’m hoping that my 15th birthday brings some sort of… rebirth.
I like to think it’ll bring the year that this year should’ve been.
I like to think I’ll kill my lazy depression with overflowing happiness and joy.
But we got half a year more in this house of fail… sigh.

Aaaand… if I keep going on, the word count of this blog will be double the amount of pages in the book I just read (which was awesome, btw, although I’m probably about to make a blog and complain about it)
I have to dry the dishes now.