What some people find touching…

… I find disgusting.

I was checking out my cousin’s (I almost said aunt’s -whoops- big family) Facebook page and saw a friend of hers had shared a post and tagged her name in it…. it was a photo of a car crash with blood on the road!
There was a story attached – the Boy with the Doll & the White Roses…. ¬†Google it.
Never mind that the story is not factual and is probably designed purely to manipulate people (even if for a good cause)
I was like WTF, why would you share this with her?
Do you think it will move her? Do you want to make her cry?
Are you trying to guilt her out of drink driving, and why would you think she’s going to?
Do you think it concerns anyone with children and you want her to be paranoid her kids will be killed?

Not shame on me for not sharing, shame on you for probably exploiting some strangers pain (the photo of the car accident) for whatever reason…. Drink driving is stupid, but lying to people is lying to people. Or, it’s just meant to be a story and that’s all we should take it as – allegorical fiction, not lies.
In any case, why are the people who share these sob story posts commended? “oh, you’re so caring, everyone should share this, omg I’m so touched, I crie evertim, you’re an angel”…. they clicked a button. They didn’t put in time or effort or money, I’m not even sure I’d call it action. They didn’t even offer their own words, just stolen ones. They might as well not think or care at all.
I know I’m very cynical but sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who can see.

I was happy to see some people pointing out that the dates are wrong on that horoscope that goes around…. in fact if they hadn’t I might not have noticed (I had no reason to look at all my relatives signs because I’d seen it before but with a different picture attached)
What I said about seeing makes me sound like I want to start a cult – I don’t.
Please recall I have little tolerance for special snowflakes as much as I’d like to be one, and people that talk about higher beings and awakenings make me feel like.. a worm. Like they all sit around saying “oh, those silly unenlightened people, so spiritually unaware, we laugh at them, yes, ha ha ha”
Hello, we’re normal; you have delusions of grandeur.

this is not an accurate horoscope, this is a bag of dicks.

I hate that horoscope everyones been posting.
(the picture I’ve seen with it recently doesn’t even have the correct dates!!)
You know, the one that starts by threatening you with a lifetime of bad luck if you don’t share it.
And then throws a bunch of ridiculous, contradictory adjectives and statements into each star sign.
The Libra one has nothing to do with balance or empathy – but hey, apparently I love sport (no)
My cousin (who I could write a dozen posts on but I fear she’d find them) shared it with ‘sooo me’… are you proud? apparently you’re a childish, ill-tempered slut. Oh and all the cliche’d nice qualities too somehow.
How is someone a promiscuous loner who loves long term relationships? How do you treat everyone with kindness and defend your loved ones if you also hold grudges and make people cry?
My cousin does have half of the qualities listed (guess which) …….
I just read most of them again and THEY’RE ALL THE SAME.
One might say ‘great cook’ or whatever but they almost all say ‘one of a kind’, ‘not one to mess with’, ‘loud’…
And Libra is the worst because all of it is recycled words from all the other horoscopes except for ‘likes sports’.
Maybe it’s a comment on the state of humanity, but why are we all described as ‘holding grudges’, ‘make you cry’… even the horoscope for the star sign that said ‘very forgiving’ =\
We’re just disgusting, dumb people aren’t we?

What do you think this means?

This isn’t a rhetorical question like my other post titles.
I’d like to know how other people interpret this statement I have seen ‘shared’ on Facebook by women.



Thoughts, please

ladies, do you hate yourself or are your virtues backwards?



congratulations, you’re all perpetrators of misogynist stereotypes that paint woman as deceitful and irrational bitches.

not to mention, what, you’re proud of these things?


I shouldn’t have to explain why this one is wrong!

“this is so true” – thanks for letting everyone know you’re a useless cow.

What I would like to say on Facebook

I have zero tolerance for fake stories, especially when they contain ignorance and bigotry.
Don’t say “even if it’s not true, it has a message!” because that means it’s manipulative. And if it’s falsely attributed to a person it could be hurtful.
Lies are malicious.
Marilyn Monroe died before ‘size 0’ existed. Bill Cosby never said that. Facebook will not give dying children money for ‘likes’ or ‘shares’. That child does not have that disease.
With the latter, people say “oh but its raising awareness!”… raising awareness for a disease that child does not have, causing misunderstandings about the disease, using a photo STOLEN from that childs parents, even though that child does have a real disease awareness could be raised for.
That is sick.
Do you think about who writes and creates these fake stories? what could their motive possibly be?
You’re not helping any one by misleading them.
Stop and think about if that chain letter is really the message you want to send, something you want to be associated with.
Also, you’re on the internet – use it. Google it. There is no excuse.
And now that I’m at the end of my rant, do you like telling all your friends “if you dont agree you’re part of the problem” or “if you don’t share you are heartless”?
I use my own words to express myself, maybe you should too.