Sick of seeing this quote


These were my first thoughts when I saw this.
And when I say first thoughts I mean I’ve seen it before and dismissed it, but now spent about an hour reading everyone’s comments and trying to come up with one of my own.

I can’t imagine exactly what he was thinking when he said this (I find a lot of people make statements like this with a particular or personal situation in mind they have not divulged, making any thing you say ‘wrong’) but taking it at face value I mostly disagree.
I think a friend or most decent people would like to know if what they say or do upsets you because they respect your feelings… and they might enjoy telling their dirty jokes to people who actually laugh.
And what people call whinging is not meaningless or even useless – you’re expressing yourself, you’re processing your issues, words can stand up to something or for something and if this weren’t true Stephen Fry would have nothing to say.

Some of these things I have said on this blog before. But this comment wasn’t formed here it was formed on Facebook and I once again didn’t press enter and stuck it here instead.

The problem is the quote is taken entirely out of context, and the real context is quite complicated…
some years ago there was a bill being introduced in the UK to make it a crime to incite religious hatred – and as a comedian Fry wanted to protect his freedom of speech.
That’s my understanding of it, I could be wrong, but like I said this happened a while ago and had a very specific context.
And I’m lazy.

Out of context it seems designed to do nothing but offend and to justify offensive people.
When people share this post, that’s all it seems to me they are trying to do.
And that interpretation is where I find grounds to disagree, which isn’t really to do with poor Stephen Fry at all.
No wait, I still basically disagree with him.
Nothing wrong with that.

What some people find touching…

… I find disgusting.

I was checking out my cousin’s (I almost said aunt’s -whoops- big family) Facebook page and saw a friend of hers had shared a post and tagged her name in it…. it was a photo of a car crash with blood on the road!
There was a story attached – the Boy with the Doll & the White Roses…. ¬†Google it.
Never mind that the story is not factual and is probably designed purely to manipulate people (even if for a good cause)
I was like WTF, why would you share this with her?
Do you think it will move her? Do you want to make her cry?
Are you trying to guilt her out of drink driving, and why would you think she’s going to?
Do you think it concerns anyone with children and you want her to be paranoid her kids will be killed?

Not shame on me for not sharing, shame on you for probably exploiting some strangers pain (the photo of the car accident) for whatever reason…. Drink driving is stupid, but lying to people is lying to people. Or, it’s just meant to be a story and that’s all we should take it as – allegorical fiction, not lies.
In any case, why are the people who share these sob story posts commended? “oh, you’re so caring, everyone should share this, omg I’m so touched, I crie evertim, you’re an angel”…. they clicked a button. They didn’t put in time or effort or money, I’m not even sure I’d call it action. They didn’t even offer their own words, just stolen ones. They might as well not think or care at all.
I know I’m very cynical but sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who can see.

I was happy to see some people pointing out that the dates are wrong on that horoscope that goes around…. in fact if they hadn’t I might not have noticed (I had no reason to look at all my relatives signs because I’d seen it before but with a different picture attached)
What I said about seeing makes me sound like I want to start a cult – I don’t.
Please recall I have little tolerance for special snowflakes as much as I’d like to be one, and people that talk about higher beings and awakenings make me feel like.. a worm. Like they all sit around saying “oh, those silly unenlightened people, so spiritually unaware, we laugh at them, yes, ha ha ha”
Hello, we’re normal; you have delusions of grandeur.

“I like people, and I like it when people are treated well.”

Here is something I really enjoyed reading, it makes good points, it’s honest, and it isn’t violent or hurtful.
I particularly like the examples it gave of overt and more subtle kinds of sexism and misogyny, I found the discussion of them very powerful.
I discovered this article because it was shared by Feminist Frequency on Facebook – I personally admire Anita Sarkeesian, I find her opinions to be fair and she expresses them well.
EDIT:: yeah, not so sure how I feel about that last statement now… well, I haven’t actually been watching her videos, and I’m following her Facebook page and I’m not sure if it’s occasionally her or just her followers that keep saying gross things I disagree with.


Re-watching the Melbourne Gala Comedy Festival (is that the right order of mumbo jumbo?) reminds me of a Facebook post I read a while ago.
The nice lesbian woman sums it up
“Someone once told me “don’t take a pill, just think happy thoughts!” and I was like “you think I haven’t thought of that already?” ¬†Telling a depressed person to get over it is like telling an amputee to get a grip.”

My… friend… posted two statuses within minutes of each other I found quite conflicting.
First was basically “we all go through shit but we don’t all complain about it, you need to move on. instead of whining why don’t you do something about it. Just a thought…”
The next, 2 MINUTES LATER, was “don’t pick on depressed people okay it’s probably bitches like you that made them depressed SHUT UP”

I be like honey (I’m ghetto fabulous now), listen to future you and shut up.
People must really hate themselves if they’re going to take that “thought” of yours.
“oh no, I’ve sunken so low I’m going to take this insultingly simple advice that I’ve heard a million times before, just because it came from this teenage faux-therapist.”

I did have a thoughtful argument for her, really, but even though she is addressing “you” she is thinking of one specific person, and when you try to counter that they refute everything you say – “no, it’s not like that, they definitely are a bitch when they do x and y ALWAYS” – and it’s hard to defend someone you don’t know.
So I just mocked her in my own Facebook status.

And I probably took it personally as a complainer and a labradoodle.
If you don’t complain, you don’t get what you want, you don’t process all your thoughts and feelings, you don’t combat societal ills, you don’t protect yourself.
Complaint is an action.
You can just get bogged down in complaint, and you don’t know where to go from there… and it’s actually a scary and confusing place to be, I’ve lived years of my life like that.
I don’t like it, and if you don’t either, don’t read it.
It’s for my own sake.

P.S not that this is either post nor script – Apparently ‘reminds’ isn’t a word.

things that make me go umm




^ what the heck kind of message is this supposed to send?



^ this was posted by mink pink. they were adequately shamed by their fans.

this is not an accurate horoscope, this is a bag of dicks.

I hate that horoscope everyones been posting.
(the picture I’ve seen with it recently doesn’t even have the correct dates!!)
You know, the one that starts by threatening you with a lifetime of bad luck if you don’t share it.
And then throws a bunch of ridiculous, contradictory adjectives and statements into each star sign.
The Libra one has nothing to do with balance or empathy – but hey, apparently I love sport (no)
My cousin (who I could write a dozen posts on but I fear she’d find them) shared it with ‘sooo me’… are you proud? apparently you’re a childish, ill-tempered slut. Oh and all the cliche’d nice qualities too somehow.
How is someone a promiscuous loner who loves long term relationships? How do you treat everyone with kindness and defend your loved ones if you also hold grudges and make people cry?
My cousin does have half of the qualities listed (guess which) …….
I just read most of them again and THEY’RE ALL THE SAME.
One might say ‘great cook’ or whatever but they almost all say ‘one of a kind’, ‘not one to mess with’, ‘loud’…
And Libra is the worst because all of it is recycled words from all the other horoscopes except for ‘likes sports’.
Maybe it’s a comment on the state of humanity, but why are we all described as ‘holding grudges’, ‘make you cry’… even the horoscope for the star sign that said ‘very forgiving’ =\
We’re just disgusting, dumb people aren’t we?

What do you think this means?

This isn’t a rhetorical question like my other post titles.
I’d like to know how other people interpret this statement I have seen ‘shared’ on Facebook by women.



Thoughts, please

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