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The same fucking person has just shared this


As a miserable person, I find it fucking hateful.
I’m sick of being told people won’t like me, and that I’m no fun, unless I love myself.
So easy to when I’m always being put down ey!
It’s shunning, it’s selfish, and it’s not enlightenment.
Why is the new wisdom being SELFISH and closed minded?

And this same fucking person, lately all I ever hear about her is “she lost her shit”, “she made someone cry”, “she yelled and screamed”, “she’s bullying me”.
You a miserable ol bitch.


Seriously this shit makes me sick.
What the fuck is positive about that?
If you have a different point of view, shut up.
If you feel bad, shut up.
But whoever shares this disturbingly common sentiment, are thinking of it through their self-centred perspective, probably something like “I don’t like people saying negative things to me or about my work because then I feel negative” well you fucking be quiet then.
Posts like these personally make me feel shit and are negative to me because I see people, or sometimes it’s me, constantly being called negative and being seriously fucking put down and cussed out over it by these “positive” people that want to live in lala land.
Comments these drips label as negative are often not rude at all, it’s more like “that’s not a real baby polar bear” and the response is “YOU MUST HATE BABIES TOO.”
Ugh. Anyway, hi.

To anyone suffering delusions about “anti-vaxxers”…

There are many reasons to refuse/delay some or all vaccines, including religious beliefs, veganism, natural living, allergies, family history, doctors that can’t answer your fking questions, and not wanting to associate with people who abuse others… Jenny McCarthy is not one of those reasons to most non-vaxxers. You having no respect for others isn’t her fault. Maybe YOUR ignorance is though, maybe you are the one pretending a celebrity is the gospel on vaccinations.

“I have respect for people who can SCIENCE blahblahblah” you’d say?
Because having a tiny fraction of understanding solely reserved for those just like you is what we should all aim for, you’re a fking saint.


I have my qualms about feminism, but I honestly struggle to see how most of these signs are relevant. They come off as self-absorbed, at least. I’m sure feminism has/does do a lot of good… Would you be safe from your employer treating you unfairly without feminists standing up for women? Don’t you want there to be shelters for the women and children who are victims of domestic violence (make some shelters for men too if you want)? You’re not worried about the women being attacked practically every minute in South Africa?

Saying you’re “anti-feminist” brings to mind frightening anti-women connotations, as this is the definition of feminism…
“the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.”
You don’t think women in Saudi Arabia should be allowed to drive? Vote? Surely they’re equal to men in their intelligence and capableness as a grown human being.
So, by saying they should be able to, you’d be advocating for women’s rights because the sexes are equal.

This is what I said on Facebook (which is more like a redux of my blog posts… Redux isn’t the right word but it’s as good as I got right now, okay?)

I think it’s hard to grasp what these women really mean because there’s no context, no idea of what they’re thinking and why. #3 and #10 come off as slut shaming and victim blaming / rape apology, and that is scary-awful to me! I think I can relate to #5 and #11 the most, because I like to think for myself and don’t want to be defined by others – there ARE genocidal feminists that I don’t want to remotely associate with, but you can certainly be a feminist and abhor that and I think that’s what more women need to express. There is a lot of language in feminism as a political movement that I feel belittles men, but I don’t see how that equates to #14 at all… Statistically women are subject to discrimination & violence, and what about our sisters in other countries? Maybe we need to separate the divisive political movement and the act of supporting women in our lives before we say we’re “anti-feminist”.

And this is where I’d put my faith in humanity… If I had any.

I’m so disappointed about peoples birth experiences, it just seems to say you cannot trust hospitals to provide a professional, respectful service – can anyone (let alone the dozens of other staff apparently all having bad days!?) really think that there is an excuse for seemingly calculating the mistreatment of a patient?
I have worked, in my experience you’re too busy to think about your personal problems, and if someones attitude rubs you the wrong way you don’t overcharge them – you wish them a nice day like everybody else.
This is one tiny day of your life, and the biggest day of someone elses!
Even if your mother were DYING in the same freakin hospital, if you have time to be racially insensitive you have time to shut the fuck up and do your job.

It’s really frustrating because there are people on my friends list who have said / shared things that are so repulsive, so mean, so stupid, so personally insulting that there’s really no good reason for me to be friends with them, because surely those things are a reflection of them as a human being and how they must view me if I share, or defend, the opinions they mock. But I’ve been unaware or let it go at the time, now I’m mad at myself for not saying anything and I can’t look at them the same way. I could write an essay on the absurd vitriol that I feel confronted with almost every where I turn as a person from a non-vaccinating family, I should and share it with everyone but it’s just too hard.

“Conditioning works hard to make us believe the lie that if the externals of life were different we would be happy and satisfied.”

I DO kinda believe that 😦 :/
But I thought it was more about protesting the conditioning that we should do certain things and be in a certain place in life.
It is conflicting, on one hand I want to be ‘normal’ and have a job and an education because apparently everybody else is happy so maybe that’s where I went wrong.
But the idea that I should have a job and education make me very distressed and I certainly wasn’t 100% happy when I had them nor did I feel fulfilled (especially the schooling)
It’s vaguey anyway, what are they talking about?
What are the externals of life, I would think the societal norms, the way the world is – if only we were richer, even more privileged.
And yet that’s also what I think the “conditioning” would be…. WHAT IS ITTTT

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