What I would like to say on Facebook

I have zero tolerance for fake stories, especially when they contain ignorance and bigotry.
Don’t say “even if it’s not true, it has a message!” because that means it’s manipulative. And if it’s falsely attributed to a person it could be hurtful.
Lies are malicious.
Marilyn Monroe died before ‘size 0’ existed. Bill Cosby never said that. Facebook will not give dying children money for ‘likes’ or ‘shares’. That child does not have that disease.
With the latter, people say “oh but its raising awareness!”… raising awareness for a disease that child does not have, causing misunderstandings about the disease, using a photo STOLEN from that childs parents, even though that child does have a real disease awareness could be raised for.
That is sick.
Do you think about who writes and creates these fake stories? what could their motive possibly be?
You’re not helping any one by misleading them.
Stop and think about if that chain letter is really the message you want to send, something you want to be associated with.
Also, you’re on the internet – use it. Google it. There is no excuse.
And now that I’m at the end of my rant, do you like telling all your friends “if you dont agree you’re part of the problem” or “if you don’t share you are heartless”?
I use my own words to express myself, maybe you should too.

Tragic Clown

I need to have something to show for what I’ve done by September (I think).
But I don’t know how to do that.
I mean, I can print out book reports, and put them in a folder.
I can print out math test results and certificates.
I can cut and paste and paint.
I can sew quilts.
But theres all these little things I do, like my constant research, that Mum says I should have something to show for, because it matters.
But it doesn’t feel like it does.
She wrote down everything I did so far today (it’s only 11am) in the diary and told me it all counts and I need to write it down and do something about it.
Like apparently this morning I’ve talked about attitudes towards mental health, smoking, and career paths.
I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I fed and played with the cat. I made Mum a cup of tea. I made my bed. I looked at my sisters dinosaur egg that hatches in water.
But these are things I do every single day, do they count as anything?
It just seems like bullshit.

Mum wants me to write a blog about the Sims.
She’d just finished a hanjie puzzle (you shade squares to make a picture) thats title was ‘sad’, and I thought it looked like a clown.
So I started thinking about the Tragic Clown painting from the original Sims game.
(It’s not just an ordinary painting, it comes to life and haunts you!)
Then I Googled it, found the article on SimsWiki, and started telling her about it.
And I do this stuff all the time, I just Google stuff, stuff about the kitten, stuff about diseases, stuff about games or songs or serial killers, whatever I feel like.
I do this so often how am I supposed to keep track or write something about each subject?
Although I guess it is educational – I don’t think there is ever a day when I don’t learn something.

*sigh* so, The Sims.
I moved all my games over to my new external harddrive, but I was impatient and instead of copying I just cut-and-paste.
I free’d up a little less than half of my laptops space, which is pretty good, as its back to the level it maintained for years before the sudden build up.
I have played Fable : The Lost Chapters straight of the external drive and it works, I just need to keep the save file on my actual computer.
None of The Sims 2 games would work, because they didn’t know where anything was, couldn’t communicate with the other expansion packs, etc.
It’s a really complicated game, when you have 6 packs on a base game, files in different locations, custom content, back-ups.
I decided to uninstall and reinstall, but discovered I was missing my original Sims 2 base game.
I’m pretty sure my sister borrowed it… I shouldn’t have let her, I’m so mad at myself.
No idea where it is, just that it doesn’t seem to be in the house.
So I decided to just uninstall all my Sims games, and upgrade to The Sims 3, maybe look into getting Sims 2 off eBay (as its now impossible to find elsewhere) or such.
The uninstall files wouldn’t work so I had to manually delete every single scrap of data baring ‘sims’ or ‘ea’, and hope it’d all work out.
I’ve been playing Sims on the ps2 until I can install 3 onto my computer (hopefully straight onto my external harddrive).
Although, it sounds like my sister and her boyfriend might be breaking up again so I might not be able to borrow his disc >>; dang.

But anyway, as upset I am at the (hopefully temporary) loss of my Sims 2 games, I have an excuse and the space to get The Sims 3!
It’s a prequel to the original Sims, interestingly enough, and I wanna see a little Bella and Mortimer running around!
The Goths are a very cool series-spanning story, although I never played with them that much, and never found the missing Bella, or a Bella clone, or any of that weird stuff… wish I could now I can’t =/
And the Tragic Clown apparently makes an interesting return – I wonder if you can have his babies O.o;

Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft… you suck.

I considered launching some kind of formal complaint, or petition, or suggestion, but this is easier!

I get a little paranoid about my stuff sometimes.
I was going through my files on my computer trying to delete the crap eating at my laptops goodness, and I found the folder where I keep all of my writing (thats not code for porn, I swear).
And I’m just a bit protective of it, I’m partially embarrassed and partially very proud of my various scribblings and ideas.
I don’t want anyone else reading my things, I barely want people reading my blog sometimes.
So I thought I’d put a password on the folder so I’m the only one that can get into it.

Apparently you can’t do that.
What? what? what?
I went into properties, went into security settings, did some Googling.
The only way you can make a file private from another person, is if that person has a user account on your computer, and you block that user account from accessing the file.
That is useless to me, as I’m the only one who uses my laptop.
Then why do I need a password?
I don’t know, I just wanted one!
And although it’s unneccessary, if my laptop is unused by others who may nosey about, I’m pissed off that I don’t have the option!

It’s like the other week we went out to a restaurant, and I was still getting over gastro and I just wanted something nice and simple like chicken schnitzel, whatever.
The menu had no schnitzel, had no tomato-based pasta, had no basic staples of a menu, apart from fish and chips.
It was supposed to be a child-friendly cafe too – how do you expect to feed children with no spagbol?
It was all creamy penne, gourmet pizza, weird burgers with pineapple on them.
I ended up eating half a piece of fish (out of two) and 10 chips.

Anyway, when you Google password protecting files, it comes up with a bunch of ads and stuff for non-Microsoft developed programs that do that.
So, up your game, Microsoft.
Gosh, don’t you have people that test your products and suggest the use of common sense?
I need to be on that team, damnit.

Readers, don’t tell me if Macs have this feature, because they don’t have a right click, and I couldn’t even see an on/off button on one, and that distresses me, so don’t even.