Everyone Should Be Bisexual! and oh no I have friends

((PLEASE NOTE :: Bisexuality has nothing to do with promiscuity. Do not call us sluts just because your jealous we can choose from 100% of the population. Choosing, as in ‘I like this person for a relationship’, not ‘I’m going to bonk this person just because I can’.))

Almost two years ago, I decided to start calling myself ‘bisexual’.

I have never had a crush on a girl, I have only had a few crushes on boys.

But, I am supportive of gay people, because it’s part of who they are and they can’t change it, and it can be damaging to themselves and people around them to try and change it.

Being in the closet sounds like a very sucky thing to go through.

Not only is it a sign of my support and open-mindedness, its also accepting the possibility that I might be gay.

I don’t know much about it, but my aunt was married, to a man, with children before she realised she was a lesbian.

She would’ve had to make this huge leap in her identity, going from a heterosexual, married woman, to a homosexual, single woman.

Atleast if you say your bi from the start, that you might be gay, it’s not such a huge leap.

I don’t want to put myself in this little box, this category, something that is definitive of me, and then for it to be broken completely, as opposed to just bended a little.

Although, it can be said that my aunt is bisexual – she was married to a man I assume she loved, and now she is the partner of a woman she loves (although now I think they’re moving to different states… oop)

Something a friend of mine just brought up, is that acknowledging a member of the same (or opposite) sex is handsome or beautiful doesn’t mean you are gay or that you are attracted to them.
I see lots of people, of both genders, and I can acknowledge that they are pretty, without being actually attracted to them.
Guys seem to have a lot of trouble admitting that another man may have good features – is this because men are more persecuted for being gay than women, because women have the whole ‘two girls kissing is hot’ thing going for them?

I feel kinda weird around my two new friends (both girls) every time I mention anything related to gayness, even as a joke.
On Facebook, the first time, one of them was like ‘sex ed is gay’ and I was like ‘it is if they are talking about gay sex lol’, and then I think the status got deleted.
And earlier I was talking about Halloween costumes to the other one and I was like
“I want to go as a female Joker. You could be Harley Quinn.”
and she didn’t know who Harley was, so I was like
“The Jokers side-kick/lover ;p lol maaaybe not”,
then when she didn’t reply I said
“*awkward silence* lol well you wouldn’t have to be MY lover xD jk jk you would :p (not really, I don’t swing that way…. much)”
And I still have no reply after hours, and I know she’s been online.

And it makes me feel kinda shitty, because I was completely joking, but more than that, if she is homophobic then I will feel like I can’t be friends with her any more.
I’m scared tomorrow I’ll wake up and none of them will talk to me or they would’ve deleted me.

*sigh* and this creepy guy is friends with their Dad, and I’m worried he’s going to try and say something about me or my family before we can say anything about him.

“Ban The Burqa” is BS!

I hate the “Ban The Burqa” debate.

It started with an overreaction to a couple of robberies involving burqas.
I think only one occurred in Australia.
People started calling for it to be banned.
This is completely stupid and wrong.

Stores and banks have the freedom to put up signs saying something like “No burqas covering the face”, just as they have done with motorcycle helmets and other such things.
That is fair, people should not enter banks with their face concealed.

The only reason to ban the burqa, considering this, must come from bigotry and intolerance.
Calling it “un-Australian”… I’m sorry, but WTF is Australian culture??
The stereotype of beaches and surfies and beer? or boomerangs and bush tucker and Dreamtime?

The first can also be said of many places in America, and the second is always going to be apart of Australia, that can’t be changed by what I’ve always thought of Australia as – a welcoming, friendly, country that embraces all cultures and peoples!

What about sarongs? they’re Hawaiian… >>;

People complain that it’s a sign of oppression, that it’s slavery of women, etc.
Yes, some women may be forced to wear the burqa by their father, brothers, husband.

But what about woman that WANT to wear the burqa?
They see it as a sign of their faith!
By banning the burqa WE would become their oppressors!!!

A part of their religion is modesty, being humble, not possessing shallow and material objects.

And this makes me think… of Nuns.
They wear their habits, and dress conservatively, to be modest, and as a symbol of their religion, as a sign of their love and obedience to their Saviour.
They also do not possess material objects.

Do we see Nuns habits as oppression to women?

A mural has recently been painted on a wall somewhere (yeah, I’m too lazy to check where in Australia) of a Muslim woman, in a Burqa, with one of those big red ban signs over her. and it says ‘ban the burqa’.

The painter claims this is not hateful, nor directed at Muslims, or Islam, but at ‘extremism’.

Wearing a special article of clothing, which you interpret as part of your religion, is extremism?

What about that big hat the Pope wears?

And, I understand that burqas can appear intimidating.
Someone walking towards you, dressed entirely in black, just their eyes showing, it can be frightening, also because its so alien and different from us.
I admit I prefer sari’s, all pretty and bright, but that goes against the conservative meaning of the burqa.

Banning the burqa would be an act of extremism. An act of oppression. And an act that is UN-AUSTRALIAN.

Or, I think so, anyway.


(I would reply to Abu if I had a translator that did what I wanted it to, sorry, so this is not a reply)
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