Glory Box stuff

So, this is the nice little (well, its not very little) steamer trunk looking thing I got a couple days ago.

There was another one of the same size that was black and white which I liked, but its hinges were rusty.

It has cute travel stuff printed all over it, stamps and flight times, postcards and stuff, all Australian locations.

I’m calling this one my ‘Glory Box’ because it’s not really the sturdy wooden chest I would like to have, that would be my ‘Hope Chest’.

This trunk inspires me to travel, and I think I’d like to keep things like scrapbooks and stuff in there, after its done being filled with blankets and such.

So, I decided to put my stuff in there and take some pictures.
Starting with my biggest and heaviest item, which is actually a gigantic throw that my Mum knit.

And then my baby blanket, also made by Mum.

And also the pop-out-ish books that I got.

And, finally, the quilt cover set and pillow cases Mum bought me for when I get a big girls bed.

I wanted to put the big doona (duvet/continental quilt/whatever) in there too but its in a big square bag that wont fit, and Mum said that it wasn’t practical and that “I would be using the quilt soon anyway”.
Yeah, whatever, lol.
So thats still on the top of my wardrobe.

I don’t have anything else to put in there yet, and probably won’t until I get a job so I can save up for nice things to put in there.
My Mums thinking about buying a new dinner set when she has the money – its a pretty floral one – but she doesn’t need the mugs, so I’d probably get those to put away, which would be exciting.

My glory box has gone back into its messy temporary home – yes I need to clean my room, I’ll do that after this, lol.

It might fit in one of my wardrobes, which would be good, since ones practically empty except weird bits and bobs at the bottom of it; my light-up pimp cane, my halloween bucket, my slippers, my mums incense box, various birthday bags, and a box filled with stuff previously on my dresser like my Dads elephants and my seashells and fairies.
I don’t know where to put any of this.

When I get a proper chest (of the wooden variety, I’ve already got the other kind), it might go in the same spot, but without the tiny rocking chair overflowing with clothes, and along the wall facing the centre of the room.
It’s a nice idea for it to go at the end of my bed like a blanket box, but then there’d be no room to walk between it and my television.

Oh, and these below are the disappointing chests I found yesterday.
Darn those spindly legs and cracks in the wood.


Okay, I’m late again

I was supposed to post yesterday, I know.
I wouldn’t be posting today if I weren’t too tired to go to bingo (yes, I spend my Monday nights playing bingo at the golf club with the old women, my secret is out)
Everything has been so busy!
Sundays were supposed to be my lazy day, and now they’re just not.
Dad got the keys to his place, and we’ve been busy helping him move in, and going shopping with him.
He’s gradually getting more excited, which is great, because he was being really blah about it before.

We’ve been to lots of places – Super A-Mart, Fantastic Furniture (is there a K in there somewhere?), Ikea.
The only place he got REAL furniture from was when we went to Harvey Norman today.
Ordered a nice lounge and a bedroom suite, finally!
Pretty sure Harvey Norman is the best store ever, and we’re really lucky it was open, because todays a public holiday and we went into the city and EVERYWHERE WAS CLOSED!
It was ridiculous, no where that sold any electricals or appliances (only the furniture part of HN was open), not even Woolworths.
But in my own town everything was still open – no wonder we get so many visitors down on sundays and holidays.

I was a little bit down for a while because in Harvey Norman I saw some chests – not boring blanket boxes, but cute little lime-washed chests with bits of metal on them and they smelt really nice inside, some sort of nice pine.
There was a big one and a smaller one and together they were 500 dollars.
I had already gotten a 90 dollar steamer trunk-ish yesterday (pics tomorrow maybe).
I had like a sudden windfall of chests!
Mum said I could have them, and I had claimed them and was guarding them in case anyone else came sniffing around.
But then Dad came and had a look, said he didn’t like them, pointed out the spindly legs on the big chest, and then Mum was testing and criticising them, and pointed out some cracks in the wood.
It just pissed me off! I mean, it was better not to get them than pay so much for shoddy things, but WHY did they have to be shoddy? How dare the makers of those chests!
Even with a discount from a nice employee, it was too much for them.
Anyway, I’m sure I can find a nicer chest eventually – or maybe just MAKE one.

After Harvey Norman we had lunch, then went to Dads and did his inspection list for the real estate agent, assembled his coffee and tv tables, put away his glasses and things, made his temporary bed (which will soon after be my extra bed)
It’s starting to look like a little house! Although at the moment (until Thursday) his ‘lounge suite’ is three fold out camping chairs.
ABOUT the actual house, it’s a nice unit in about 7 others (well, 6 units, 1 big holiday rental at the front),  but they have walls and garages separating them nicely, and his is at the back so you actually enter from the street behind.
So his is on the street just behind behind the waterfront with some nice take out places, not too far from the bluff, nice area to walk and ride bikes, and it would only take me 10-15 minutes to walk to my friends house!
It was obviously made in the 70s, with the yellow and green knit curtains, brown tiles, ‘mustard’ countertops, funny things like narrow cupboards with tea-towel racks in them, dial phone, and until recent changes by the owner it has awful carpet throughout (even in the kitchen!).
But I like it, and Mum and I looked through it BEFORE Dad did, and if we didn’t have so much furniture and eventually an extra girl, we might’ve had it.

There was definitely something else I was going to talk about but it’s floating away.
Maybe it was how tired I am – I slept for 12 hours saturday night, after a not so good day of throwing up on the way to the shops and such.
Maybe it was my sisters kitten, which hunts crickets (they’re EVERYWHERE this autumn! never really seen any let alone so many before), flings its poo, claws the lounge, and sleeps in my bed.
There was something I thought of as I started typing all this that definitely could’ve taken up another blog post or two… hmm.

But I reckon its time to go snuggle on the lounge – if theres room, as my sister always makes a big mess when she ‘cleans’ – because I’ve been doing so much typing, replying  to comments and making this (boring?) post.