Freedom Of Speech

Arguments on the internet involving the phrase “it’s a free country” or the term “freedom of speech” tend to be quite stupid.

For starters, the internet is kinda countryless, and the chances are whoever you are talking to is in a completely different country.
Unless you’re in some sort of place specifically for one country, you’re going to look like a tool.

And freedom of speech exists, you are allowed to say whatever you want, generally people can’t stop you.
And yes, you have a right to your opinion, but others also have the right to think your opinions stupid.
But that doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences, and that you can’t be punished in some way.

Whatever part of the internet you are on, lets say, Facebook, have their own terms and conditions that you agreed to and have to follow otherwise you can get in trouble for your ‘freedom of speech’.
You can’t just go around abusing people, and spreading hate, and think that’s okay and that you can’t be touched because you’ve said “Hey, I got freedom of speech!”
Laws and rules, coming from and in the same spirit of the declarations that enable freedom of speech, regulate what you can and cannot say without getting into shit.

Now, you may tell me how retarded I am, and I can be sneaky and edit/delete your comments :p
Bwahahah, mine is an evil laugh.