Enemy Mine – Book VS Movie

On a far distant planet, at the height of the war between the Dracon Empire and Earth, two military pilots crash in the heat of battle.
One is human, one is Drac. Each is a repulsive alien to the other. Each is a professional warrior, filled with hatred for his blood enemy…
Marooned on a hostile planet, they have a choice. They can complete their missions in a mutual pact of violence and death. Or they can do the most painful thing any Human or Drac has ever done – reach out and begin the new age of understanding that is struggling to be born…

(blurb from back of my book, which I think is also used for the movie)

I finished Enemy Mine by Barry B. Longyear (and David Gerrold) early yesterday morning, and watched the movie that afternoon, so the book was very much fresh in my mind, lol.
Umm, SPOILERS, duh, so watch out after the jump.