So, my sister shared an article about childbirth photography on Facebook.
Naturally the automatic preview picture that came up was a naked woman pushing out a baby during a home birth.
Some guy (a husband & father) starting going on about it being a disgusting, unwelcome sight and he doesn’t want his co-workers thinking he’s looking at some weird porn.
Nevermind why are you on Facebook at work, man, and are your co-workers idiots?
Ah, yes, it’s that tiny human emerging from another human porn.
Anyway, the last thing he said shortly before REPORTING THE POST FOR NUDITY AND GETTING HER ACCOUNT SUSPENDED was this (vaguely, because there’s no record of his bullshit for me to check anymore)

“Surely there’s a difference between actively seeking something out, and having it pop up in a public place. If I search for tits, I know I’m going to get tits.” and then maybe something else I’m not sure, and then like “I’m glad you found it beautiful, and I can find things on the internet that I find beautiful, but you can’t post porn because its beautiful.”

That first half I swear is word for word, so I think the last half is fairly accurate to.
I didn’t respond to this before everything disappeared because I didn’t want to step on em’s toes, but here’s my ridiculous reply I had to keep writing in my head…

I didn’t actively seek out the opinions of a creep who seems to think that childbirth is in any way comparable to pornography, and that anyone should find an exploitative abusive industry where women get drugs pushed on them and get their arseholes bleached and their labia surgically trimmed, ‘beautiful’.

I don’t want pornography in public because quite unlike childbirth it is an uneducational, sexual, degrading, offensive product that gives boys and girls warped ideas about sex and the human body, that serves no purpose but vapid crude gratification, and is often illegal – with necrophilia, bestiality, rape and murder (including of children) all being types of that ‘beautiful’ thing you find on the internet.

Society, quit with the creeping

Sexualising other peoples bodies really disturbs me.
The sexualising of children is gone on about a lot, some films and photographs causing outrage in a community or society at large (unless it’s the internet because hey you can probably bang them in some country) but people actually do have a varying level of sexuality throughout their childhood.
So why aren’t adults, grown women and mothers treated with the same consideration and respect that their bodies may not be sexual and are not sexual all the time?
Breastfeed in public, with your breast partially or fully exposed, and you’ll be called immodest at best and a ‘thirsty slut’ at worst.
Because you’re really into male attention when you’ve just popped a baby out your vagina and your breasts are currently used for nursing!
A breast with a baby on it is natural and beautiful, god forbid anyone can see your OTHER breast however, even if it’s being pumped or has just also been nursed from.
No, you must want a dick in your vagina right that very moment, just work around the infant child and the swollen cracked tits.
They didn’t get to decide their bodies are sexual, you did – you’re projecting sex onto others. And THEY’RE the slags?

Oh and aren’t films about teenagers having sex kinda creepy? They’re made with 20 year old actors that can be completely nude, but you’re perceiving them as 14-17 year olds? Ick.

I watched The Smurfs 2 for some reason… Eh.
Britney Spears did a song for the film, “Ooh La La”, along with a cutesy video set in Smurf village with her two small sons.
So innocent, yeeeeeah.
I was bothered not only by the total irrelevance but the sexual undertones of this song when it’s ‘performed’ by the smurfs at the end of The Smurfs 2….
“Ooh my my baby, don’t be shy
I see that spark flashing in your eye
My heart beats fast cause I want it all
So baby come with me and be my ooh la la
Take my hand, we can go all night
And spin me round just the way I like
It feels so good, I don’t wanna stop
So baby come with me and be my ooh la la”
Ew o.O
Yes it reminds me of how we all danced around to Barbie Girl by Aqua as sweet little children, realising much later with horror the full implication of the lyrics, which I won’t quote because it’s basically all innuendo.
At least I don’t recall that being shilled in a kids movie.

Again with the fucking juvenile predictability of IMDb boards.
I was looking at the board for Game of Thrones, to see if any one had reacted to the scam that it’s been cancelled.
I find a thread with 70 posts about “is Sophie Turner a virgin?”
She’s barely 18! And surely she would have been 15 when the show started, and she’s playing a 13 year old!
And if you’re not just being a pervert, why do you think it’s acceptable to discuss a young woman’s virginity anyway? How is that possibly a curiosity, some girl you don’t know, will never know, who doesn’t make her sex life a spectacle like I dunno Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus.
In the comments I could stand to read only 1 or 2 people said it was inappropriate.
I lost it at, at some dick trying to justify the ‘discussion’, with “wouldn’t you want someone to have a normal, healthy sex life” but then added “if you haven’t had sex by 21 you’re ugly or awkward.”
Don’t they understand how fucked this is? How twisted to try to enforce your idea of a ‘normal, healthy sex life’ on impressionable young people? That I think makes the ‘normal, healthy sex life’ NOT normal and healthy because it’s been pushed on young people like they are worthless, boring, or somehow else wrong if they don’t have sex as soon as they can.
It’s also completely ignoring and insulting anyone who makes a completely valid choice to be celibate, and those who simply are asexual.
These sex obsessed pricks on the internet don’t even seem to realise there’s such a thing as asexuality, even on the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon clearly exhibits asexuality, no there’s something else ‘wrong’ with him and “I’ve never met an asexual person!”.
I am 18, I am attractive, according to scores of idiots I can’t be a virgin.
Because upon turning 18, or earlier, and being attractive, you magically meet a man who is interested in you AND you find him attractive too!
And you throw all concept of abstinence or love or fear out the window! Bullshit.
I’m not very social, I don’t have many opportunities to be social, but I have had guys interested in me and I could have had sex with them, but I have never met a guy I find attractive (or worthy! how about sexual partners actually being likeable and good human beings?) enough to bother with.
Apparently “the right one” is no longer a legitimate aspiration?
It’s better to be the town bike?
There’s been two films starring the young Dakota Fanning in about 2 years about losing your virginity at a certain time, before you die or before you go to college.
Unless it’s really special, or becomes a cautionary tale, or the girl decides no I respect myself and my virginity, what is the value of such a movie?
To encourage girls to throw themselves away on an unsatisfying life experience with a gross teenage boy, as society dictates. Otherwise they are not “fun” girls, they’re lame, and either they’re prudes because making your own decisions about your body is for losers! or nobody must want them :/
It really hurts me, it makes me feel defective, and I don’t know if that makes me want to fuck the next guy I see to ‘fix’ myself or to never have sex in protest. I’ve always leant towards the latter. That makes me more defective than ever, apparently, and fucking random boys I don’t like is the better thing to do as a person.

I hate how on every IMDb board for any actress age 12-17, there is a post saying “when is she legal” or something about their tits and it’s so juvenile and predictable.
Since there is no possible way any of these men (seriously, men!?) are going to sleep with Elle Fanning when she IS ‘legal’, they’re asking when it’s appropriate to fantasise about her, which means they already are and they know it’s wrong.
No it’s not wrong to be attracted to 17 year old girls if you would be attracted to 18 year old girls.
But especially the girls on the younger end of the scale, they are innocent children, they are not sexually mature, they are not out to be attractive.
I seriously doubt even Elle Fanning is very sexually mature at 17, and even when she does modelling that she wants men well over the legal age to be drooling over her.
When there are so many attractive sexually mature women putting themselves out there, intentionally, to be attractive to men, why should you sexualise girls by imposing your sexual fantasies on them in a public forum let alone a private one!? That is not okay.

And regardless of whether he is guilty of interfering with underage girls, Rolf Harris is not okay. He sent that woman’s father a letter apologising for their inappropriate relationship, after she told him she had only ever been afraid of him. Because she was 18 years old, and she had been his daughters friend, and he would have been responsible for her at times and known her as a child, as she grew up, so he should have been more like a parent to her than anything. And, I’m not sure at what time, he sent that woman a postcard with things written on the front like “if you beg long enough you get what you want”, that’s sexually controlling and creepy and just absurdly inappropriate to send to a person who was either a girl at the time, an 18 year old you were trying to sleep with, or a woman who’s told you she’s scared of you.
Whether he was aware of it or not, he groomed her.
And he flattered himself that a young girl would want him.
And I’m struggling to imagine a time when it would honestly be socially acceptable to seduce your teenage daughters best friend (obviously her father felt not), to say young teenagers in bikinis are sexually attractive to you, to (allegedly) grope or tongue kiss 13 year olds…
And perhaps it only seems acceptable because it’s subtly forced on these unaware girls during social functions or in their parents house.
What are they going to do, make a scene?

And wtf I just saw this movie where a teenage boy kept wanking, okay, understandable, not so understandable is not closing or locking doors, stealing women’s clothing and family portraits – okay, he ended up screwing that older woman because she’s mental – but I don’t think boys need encouragement to wank and it’s bizarre what they possibly get out of G rated family photos, like keep your fantasies in your head and don’t go around violating other peoples personal space and possessions!
Fucking men.

Whenever I hear people who don’t vaccinate, in whatever capacity, called “crazy” or any other belittling word it’s almost like hearing ‘nigger’ to me… On my tv, in my newspaper.
This is a culture of like minded human beings, and those raised by them, and those who sympathise with them, being insulted nationally at every cheap opportunity.

This shameful treatment happens to anyone who dares to be different, really.
Carrie Bickmore, who I used to like, uses her public position of a current affairs show host to criticise (demonise!) any mother with an attitude unlike hers.
Bed-sharing? Call em stupid on national tv, thats fine.
But you couldn’t criticise any religious group (excluding the Catholic Church) and certainly not any form of sexuality because no matter how fair your point of view was, you’d be dragged through the mud for mentioning it.
You’d be a bigot and a bully and probably get sacked.

Why does our culture want to shut down those who think of new (or old!) ways to do things, anything alternative to the mainstream, even when studies show the mainstream to be as damaging as anything else.
Why can’t people have a personal view for personal reasons because of their personal experiences, without it being made into a political statement where they’re unwillingly attached to a movement and are fair game to be ridiculed!?

I hate seeing those who buy into sappy stories or miracle cures losing their heads at those who dare not to.
All the “positive” people shitting on the critical people, calling them “negative” and judgemental and even cussing them out… so positive, not!!
There is nothing wrong with asking questions and upholding your values, and having a different opinion isn’t rude – calling people debbie downers kinda is tho.


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