Seriously this shit makes me sick.
What the fuck is positive about that?
If you have a different point of view, shut up.
If you feel bad, shut up.
But whoever shares this disturbingly common sentiment, are thinking of it through their self-centred perspective, probably something like “I don’t like people saying negative things to me or about my work because then I feel negative” well you fucking be quiet then.
Posts like these personally make me feel shit and are negative to me because I see people, or sometimes it’s me, constantly being called negative and being seriously fucking put down and cussed out over it by these “positive” people that want to live in lala land.
Comments these drips label as negative are often not rude at all, it’s more like “that’s not a real baby polar bear” and the response is “YOU MUST HATE BABIES TOO.”
Ugh. Anyway, hi.

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