I don’t want to compromise, I just want what I want.
I know it’s silly because I should just say “this is interfering with what I’m trying to do”.
Like how I was charging my phone for the night at the only scrap of convenient space away from my bed, and dad puts the clothes airer right in the way… I move it back to my room lest I hurt myself trying to get to it.
So like here I am typing this.
Probs wouldn’t be sleeping with the baby crying anyway, but.
And that doesn’t solve the feeling of self consciousness and inability to move freely that is like part of each and every day in this house.
I’m supposed to be taking these oil capsules, and they’re really really quite fiddly to take – if I have any room to keep them and use them conveniently the 1-3 times a day I’m meant to take them, I’m scared of people coming near me or talking to me while I’m doing it since I gagged on one after they decided to what stand around the tiny kitchen and watch me take it…


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