Feeling really cranky, and restless maybe, I dunno… Just stuffed some chips in my face.
I know theres only so many hours in a day so I’ve got no body to be mad at, but I just really want some help.
But I don’t think I can get help from one parent (or do if myself) with the other one around.
I’m just real sad and tired and I can’t deal.
I don’t think I can make much progress with my singing lessons not practicing at home.
I guess I’d like to be able practice around people, not being nervous singing around others is ideal I suppose, but that actually doesn’t feel like a realistic prospect to me and I don’t WANT to, what I want is to be alone for so many reasons.
Admittedly it’s really comforting to have another person in the house, especially when they’re making me dinner!
Maybe I could cope better if I had a bigger, tidier space.
I remember I was singing at home for a while, in a different house with mum.


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