“Conditioning works hard to make us believe the lie that if the externals of life were different we would be happy and satisfied.”

I DO kinda believe that 😦 :/
But I thought it was more about protesting the conditioning that we should do certain things and be in a certain place in life.
It is conflicting, on one hand I want to be ‘normal’ and have a job and an education because apparently everybody else is happy so maybe that’s where I went wrong.
But the idea that I should have a job and education make me very distressed and I certainly wasn’t 100% happy when I had them nor did I feel fulfilled (especially the schooling)
It’s vaguey anyway, what are they talking about?
What are the externals of life, I would think the societal norms, the way the world is – if only we were richer, even more privileged.
And yet that’s also what I think the “conditioning” would be…. WHAT IS ITTTT


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