I have a stuffy nose 😦 anyway
I would probably sleep better or not feel like crap in the morning if I didn’t have this idea in my head that I must be in bed until like 7.
Once I go to bed I’m there for the whole night and avoid moving (except I’m constantly having to blow my nose).
I figure getting up will disrupt my sleep but it can’t be worse than lying there anyway thirsty and needing to pee and with sore eyes evidently from being shut too long!?
It’s probably worse since I moved my phone out my room because the only way to get any light is to turn the lamp on and suffer the bright light, and then I’ll go get my phone anyway so I can take a light into the bathroom instead of turning the noisy fluorescent on.
And here I am.
A sensible person would just have nightlites but it’d be a strange addition after living in a house for 2+ years…!?


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