I need some kind of strategy to not get so stressed when I go shopping.
But stressful things just happen, like buying a phone case that doesn’t fit right, and that could still make me stressed the rest of the day.
And I felt stressed from the moment I got up today, anyway.
It was not a good idea to spend money but like its the only thing to do when you go to the shops with other people.
Other things like not being able to make up my mind about purchases šŸ˜¦ is just me, and that’s sad lol
Like, I had no choice but to exchange the crappy phone case for a more expensive one, so I can’t justify spending money on trackpants and jeans, even though I need those things… Kinda…
I don’t have enough easy winter clothes, I’m rotating the same pair of jeans, trackies and leggings… Which I guess would be enough except they’re all in the wash at the same time.
I only find that one pair of jeans (which aren’t actually denim) comfortable now anyway, I’m so sick of the pulling the tight hard jeans on *sigh*
But I have no room in my.. Room.
If I had more room, I would buy my own clothesline and wash my damn clothes but it’s been raining and dad seems to be doing his laundry constantly too ._.
My body hurts, shopping physically stressful too….. And all this damn facebook dramas I’m not gonna read anymoooore


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