So, my sister shared an article about childbirth photography on Facebook.
Naturally the automatic preview picture that came up was a naked woman pushing out a baby during a home birth.
Some guy (a husband & father) starting going on about it being a disgusting, unwelcome sight and he doesn’t want his co-workers thinking he’s looking at some weird porn.
Nevermind why are you on Facebook at work, man, and are your co-workers idiots?
Ah, yes, it’s that tiny human emerging from another human porn.
Anyway, the last thing he said shortly before REPORTING THE POST FOR NUDITY AND GETTING HER ACCOUNT SUSPENDED was this (vaguely, because there’s no record of his bullshit for me to check anymore)

“Surely there’s a difference between actively seeking something out, and having it pop up in a public place. If I search for tits, I know I’m going to get tits.” and then maybe something else I’m not sure, and then like “I’m glad you found it beautiful, and I can find things on the internet that I find beautiful, but you can’t post porn because its beautiful.”

That first half I swear is word for word, so I think the last half is fairly accurate to.
I didn’t respond to this before everything disappeared because I didn’t want to step on em’s toes, but here’s my ridiculous reply I had to keep writing in my head…

I didn’t actively seek out the opinions of a creep who seems to think that childbirth is in any way comparable to pornography, and that anyone should find an exploitative abusive industry where women get drugs pushed on them and get their arseholes bleached and their labia surgically trimmed, ‘beautiful’.

I don’t want pornography in public because quite unlike childbirth it is an uneducational, sexual, degrading, offensive product that gives boys and girls warped ideas about sex and the human body, that serves no purpose but vapid crude gratification, and is often illegal – with necrophilia, bestiality, rape and murder (including of children) all being types of that ‘beautiful’ thing you find on the internet.


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