Why does waking up have to be so hard?
When my alarm goes off I probably usually feel more awake than any other time (except when I go to bed :/) but I see no reason to get up.
I’m not hungry, there’s nothing to do.
I mean I guess I’m just lazy and I’d be hesitant to get up even if there was something to do.
But I don’t think I’m tired.
Then I fall back asleep (the longer it takes me to get out of bed the sleepier I am, I can’t keep my eyes open) and the next time I wake up I’m incredibly tired! Then maybe I fall asleep again and when I wake up I’m hungry so I get up….
But then it’s 10 o’clock, not 8.

Ugh this is pissing me off, I’ve been lying ‘awake’ in bed for 20 minutes using my phone so reading with a light in my face, and I still feel so sleepy that my eyes keep trying to close.
Will I feel any different when I get up and have a shower?
I already gave in and rolled over and shut my eyes earlier but I didn’t really fall asleep even though I was dreaming, I was aware I was sleeping in my room the whole time and since I was aware was I really sleeping?

Even if I got up at 8 or tricked myself out of bed by putting my alarm on the other side of the room, I think I’d go back to bed or end up nodding off on the lounge 5 minutes later.
Maybe I need to do something in bed when I first wake up to keep myself awake until I need to get up, like play my 3ds sitting up.


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