Society, quit with the creeping

Sexualising other peoples bodies really disturbs me.
The sexualising of children is gone on about a lot, some films and photographs causing outrage in a community or society at large (unless it’s the internet because hey you can probably bang them in some country) but people actually do have a varying level of sexuality throughout their childhood.
So why aren’t adults, grown women and mothers treated with the same consideration and respect that their bodies may not be sexual and are not sexual all the time?
Breastfeed in public, with your breast partially or fully exposed, and you’ll be called immodest at best and a ‘thirsty slut’ at worst.
Because you’re really into male attention when you’ve just popped a baby out your vagina and your breasts are currently used for nursing!
A breast with a baby on it is natural and beautiful, god forbid anyone can see your OTHER breast however, even if it’s being pumped or has just also been nursed from.
No, you must want a dick in your vagina right that very moment, just work around the infant child and the swollen cracked tits.
They didn’t get to decide their bodies are sexual, you did – you’re projecting sex onto others. And THEY’RE the slags?

Oh and aren’t films about teenagers having sex kinda creepy? They’re made with 20 year old actors that can be completely nude, but you’re perceiving them as 14-17 year olds? Ick.


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