Computers are just as bad if not worse for me than my phone.
My phone is arguably worse for my eyes – I have suddenly noticed I am short-sighted, and the tv is much blurrier when I’ve been playing on my phone recently.
But computer seems to be the worst thing if I have a headache, and its generally unpleasant to look at… So much small text on white that the white starts to look grainy, have patterns or turn darker, probably exacerbated by the rate the screen refreshes.
Oh and I get a very sore back, uh bum, legs, basically everything sitting at my computer because I can’t magically make my desk and chair more comfortable, and although I could move my laptop to the lounge with me it’s so large and gets left there for days and burns my thighs, and… Sometimes still hurts my back.
It’s so much easier to open link after link, and I ignore needs like being cold, hungry/thirsty and needing to go to the bathroom more than if I’m just on a phone.
I take my phone everywhere, I’d just read it while brushing my teeth and go to bed with it instead of staying up in the cold – in fact I’m doing that now, and sitting on the toilet.
I have no idea why I’m going to bed later (after midnight) and hence not sleeping, I’m definitely blaming the computer tonight.
Other times it’s been my DS addiction, playing Harvest Moon (game) days past I was going to stop because a movies on and I must compulsively play until the end of the movie. And then IMDB the movie. And then Google which is the best movie.
It’s usually my phone that alternately keeps me in and gets me out of bed – keeps me in bed ranting at things on Facebook, gets me out of bed panicking over privacy settings because of what I’ve just said on Facebook.
I have to be honest I’m doing nothing on this toilet other than typing this… Onto business.

Just adding, I’m shaking and I’m not sure if it’s cold or hunger but I sure wish I ate 3 hours ago when I thought “oh, it’s too late to eat now, I’ll go to bed soon”.
I haven’t eaten for like 7 hours, that’s just wrong, that’s probably more than the amount of daylight hours I was awake for.
Also, my teeth hurt… Is that some kind of tension thing, I mean I just brushed them I thought that would help but nope. Like they feel a bit squeezed together when my jaw meets.
Oy and I have an itchy arm… Fookin hell.


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