WordPress stats say something about me having 55 comments! Whaaaat…
I don’t remember any of those.
I guess this blog has just lost all sense of structure, and there doesn’t seem to be any going back.
It’s overwhelming to imagine tagging hundreds of posts after the fact.
And I’ve never enjoyed titling posts, nothing sounds very fitting, there’s something oddly juvenile in trying to encapsulate what you’ve been saying in a word or two – it comes off as sensationalistic, and it’s supposed to be isn’t it, to grab viewers?
What would my recent posts be called? “Sexualising children”, “Can men keep their dicks to themselves please”, “Leave virgins alone”, “I don’t have to fuck people”, “If you don’t give head no one will ever want to be with you”…
People judge posts by the title without reading them, and probably form assumptions that will filter everything you say next through a perception of you being crude or sexist or irrational.


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