Again with the fucking juvenile predictability of IMDb boards.
I was looking at the board for Game of Thrones, to see if any one had reacted to the scam that it’s been cancelled.
I find a thread with 70 posts about “is Sophie Turner a virgin?”
She’s barely 18! And surely she would have been 15 when the show started, and she’s playing a 13 year old!
And if you’re not just being a pervert, why do you think it’s acceptable to discuss a young woman’s virginity anyway? How is that possibly a curiosity, some girl you don’t know, will never know, who doesn’t make her sex life a spectacle like I dunno Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus.
In the comments I could stand to read only 1 or 2 people said it was inappropriate.
I lost it at, at some dick trying to justify the ‘discussion’, with “wouldn’t you want someone to have a normal, healthy sex life” but then added “if you haven’t had sex by 21 you’re ugly or awkward.”
Don’t they understand how fucked this is? How twisted to try to enforce your idea of a ‘normal, healthy sex life’ on impressionable young people? That I think makes the ‘normal, healthy sex life’ NOT normal and healthy because it’s been pushed on young people like they are worthless, boring, or somehow else wrong if they don’t have sex as soon as they can.
It’s also completely ignoring and insulting anyone who makes a completely valid choice to be celibate, and those who simply are asexual.
These sex obsessed pricks on the internet don’t even seem to realise there’s such a thing as asexuality, even on the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon clearly exhibits asexuality, no there’s something else ‘wrong’ with him and “I’ve never met an asexual person!”.
I am 18, I am attractive, according to scores of idiots I can’t be a virgin.
Because upon turning 18, or earlier, and being attractive, you magically meet a man who is interested in you AND you find him attractive too!
And you throw all concept of abstinence or love or fear out the window! Bullshit.
I’m not very social, I don’t have many opportunities to be social, but I have had guys interested in me and I could have had sex with them, but I have never met a guy I find attractive (or worthy! how about sexual partners actually being likeable and good human beings?) enough to bother with.
Apparently “the right one” is no longer a legitimate aspiration?
It’s better to be the town bike?
There’s been two films starring the young Dakota Fanning in about 2 years about losing your virginity at a certain time, before you die or before you go to college.
Unless it’s really special, or becomes a cautionary tale, or the girl decides no I respect myself and my virginity, what is the value of such a movie?
To encourage girls to throw themselves away on an unsatisfying life experience with a gross teenage boy, as society dictates. Otherwise they are not “fun” girls, they’re lame, and either they’re prudes because making your own decisions about your body is for losers! or nobody must want them :/
It really hurts me, it makes me feel defective, and I don’t know if that makes me want to fuck the next guy I see to ‘fix’ myself or to never have sex in protest. I’ve always leant towards the latter. That makes me more defective than ever, apparently, and fucking random boys I don’t like is the better thing to do as a person.


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