I hate how on every IMDb board for any actress age 12-17, there is a post saying “when is she legal” or something about their tits and it’s so juvenile and predictable.
Since there is no possible way any of these men (seriously, men!?) are going to sleep with Elle Fanning when she IS ‘legal’, they’re asking when it’s appropriate to fantasise about her, which means they already are and they know it’s wrong.
No it’s not wrong to be attracted to 17 year old girls if you would be attracted to 18 year old girls.
But especially the girls on the younger end of the scale, they are innocent children, they are not sexually mature, they are not out to be attractive.
I seriously doubt even Elle Fanning is very sexually mature at 17, and even when she does modelling that she wants men well over the legal age to be drooling over her.
When there are so many attractive sexually mature women putting themselves out there, intentionally, to be attractive to men, why should you sexualise girls by imposing your sexual fantasies on them in a public forum let alone a private one!? That is not okay.

And regardless of whether he is guilty of interfering with underage girls, Rolf Harris is not okay. He sent that woman’s father a letter apologising for their inappropriate relationship, after she told him she had only ever been afraid of him. Because she was 18 years old, and she had been his daughters friend, and he would have been responsible for her at times and known her as a child, as she grew up, so he should have been more like a parent to her than anything. And, I’m not sure at what time, he sent that woman a postcard with things written on the front like “if you beg long enough you get what you want”, that’s sexually controlling and creepy and just absurdly inappropriate to send to a person who was either a girl at the time, an 18 year old you were trying to sleep with, or a woman who’s told you she’s scared of you.
Whether he was aware of it or not, he groomed her.
And he flattered himself that a young girl would want him.
And I’m struggling to imagine a time when it would honestly be socially acceptable to seduce your teenage daughters best friend (obviously her father felt not), to say young teenagers in bikinis are sexually attractive to you, to (allegedly) grope or tongue kiss 13 year olds…
And perhaps it only seems acceptable because it’s subtly forced on these unaware girls during social functions or in their parents house.
What are they going to do, make a scene?

And wtf I just saw this movie where a teenage boy kept wanking, okay, understandable, not so understandable is not closing or locking doors, stealing women’s clothing and family portraits – okay, he ended up screwing that older woman because she’s mental – but I don’t think boys need encouragement to wank and it’s bizarre what they possibly get out of G rated family photos, like keep your fantasies in your head and don’t go around violating other peoples personal space and possessions!
Fucking men.


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