Why does life have to be so painful, I feel like everything’s difficult.
I’m not going to be grateful because someone else is starving. I’m a pretty rational person, but people also have feelings. Logic won’t make my brain stop having a chemical imbalance, or stop me feeling sad or angry. Heck, tell me about starving children if you want me to be sad and angry. I think it’s important to acknowledge some problems are trivial but they don’t feel trivial, or they do and they’re all the more frustrating for it! That’s ok. I don’t need to guilt myself over being unhappy too.
A person may be lucky because they have cold soup and not no soup, but if that cold soup is the worst thing that’s happened to them in their life experience, dang they’re going to be upset about it!
I think we’re all just overgrown toddlers, I mean, humans are stupid – they mostly seem to have no self control, and why are we designed to want to eat when we don’t NEED to? Aim for efficiency, Jesus.


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