I don’t understand why my sister thinks she’s allowed to offend me by misrepresenting what I’ve said, and not listening me, and then force me to shut up – I can’t tell her she’s being stupid and crazy because then I’m the one escalating the situation and causing a fight, even though it seems to me like she fucking started it by going off her head because I said I don’t get along with one of my aunts? Because that’s a different opinion to hers? I don’t like someone very much, big fucking deal. She just agree’d she doesn’t like any of her cousins.
And when she just said something on Facebook about “I don’t start dramas i like to civilly discuss a number of things with people, even when my disagree” YOU DUMB FUCK YOU CANT EVEN HAVE A CIVIL DISCUSSION WITH YOUR SISTER ABOUT HOW MANY COUSINS YOU HAVE WITHOUT RAISING YOUR VOICE TO DISAGREE WITH HER ABOUT SUBJECTIVE SHIT


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