I can’t deal with living with other people anymore.
I’ve actually got guys wanting to see me, and I have no choice but to start ignoring them, because it’s too uncomfortable to change the dynamic of my life with other people around.
If I say I’m going out, I just expect an “oh, really?” response and I can’t stand it.
Like, no, that’s weird, I’m not really going out, I’ll just stay here forever.
If I lived alone, I would invite people over, and I would sing out loud, and I would watch whatever movies I want when I want, and I would eat what I want, and I would go out and stay up at all hours, and exercise when I want, and have the furniture where I want it so I have space to do the things I want.
Basically, I’m not living.
And I just feel like I really can’t change how my life is, living in what is essentially the same environment I’ve always been in.


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