Whenever I hear people who don’t vaccinate, in whatever capacity, called “crazy” or any other belittling word it’s almost like hearing ‘nigger’ to me… On my tv, in my newspaper.
This is a culture of like minded human beings, and those raised by them, and those who sympathise with them, being insulted nationally at every cheap opportunity.

This shameful treatment happens to anyone who dares to be different, really.
Carrie Bickmore, who I used to like, uses her public position of a current affairs show host to criticise (demonise!) any mother with an attitude unlike hers.
Bed-sharing? Call em stupid on national tv, thats fine.
But you couldn’t criticise any religious group (excluding the Catholic Church) and certainly not any form of sexuality because no matter how fair your point of view was, you’d be dragged through the mud for mentioning it.
You’d be a bigot and a bully and probably get sacked.

Why does our culture want to shut down those who think of new (or old!) ways to do things, anything alternative to the mainstream, even when studies show the mainstream to be as damaging as anything else.
Why can’t people have a personal view for personal reasons because of their personal experiences, without it being made into a political statement where they’re unwillingly attached to a movement and are fair game to be ridiculed!?


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