I don’t read anymore, I can’t focus – I have a stack of unread books and won’t let anyone purchase any more, which disappoints me, really.

One of my favourite series was Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy.
Apart from my general state of… I don’t know what, I think two moments kind of killed my excitement for the series.
In one of the books, the one before the last one I read I think, there is a chapter where the book suddenly becomes a spoof of itself, and a spoof of another certain book (Twilight).
Funny it may be but it was so inappropriate and cheap, and it tore me away from the books universe.
It’s also just gross and unfair to turn the main character into a cheating bitch to make a joke, which is at the audiences expense if anyone’s!
As if Stephenie Meyer gives a shit.
It shouldn’t have been in the book, the vampire storyline should have been taken seriously (at least as seriously as it could within the realms of the story) or not written at all.
It pissed me off.
And the other thing, in the last book I read, was a brutal and unexpected murder that left me reeling more than anything in Game of Thrones.
Would you believe these are kids books?
Sure, there’s the threat the world will be destroyed and/or all the characters will die like a lot of kids books, Harry Potter for one.
But people being turned inside out, an autopsy on the living, psychotic teenagers crushing their families and going on school rampages, and a girl being stabbed to death.
Throw in a bit of sex and replace ‘bloody’ with ‘fuck’ and you’ve got an HBO series.
There’d never be any incest, but a woman did have her soul removed and her body inhabited by a demon, who then proceeded to engage this woman’s body in a ‘romantic’ relationship with an eyeball-less serial killer.
The back of the books say ages 9+.
Holy shit.


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