Ah, I hate winter!
We’re not quite there yet but oh it is coming.
It’s so discouraging.
It makes logical activities illogical.
Like, I really want to exercise with my big heavy hoodie or my constricting twisty sweatshirt on – k, I don’t exercise in any way on a regular basis, but I might want to ‘cept… winter.
As if I’m going to go hang my washing out, I’ll freeze to death and my clothes won’t dry anyway.
Getting out of bed? Why when I has warms? (Of course I spent the whole night cold though)
I think getting out of bed at a reasonable hour and just washing your face and eating breakfast is the best thing you can do for yourself but it’s so hard lol
I’m only remotely motivated if I think about downloading the next episode of Game of Thrones.
And I’ve got a red itchy nose and a spotty itchy face and I’m itchy and swollen inside most of my orifices and I have a cold sore which thankfully isn’t a scabby monster and is hopefully going away as fast as it came.
Not to do with winter, but ugh.


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