I actually said this for once oops



You are disgusting and I am sure you are wrong. You are spreading hate filled bullshit and I am ashamed that any fellow Australian would believe this! What border are you talking about? We’re an island, and don’t we all know that asylum seekers that come here by boat (who are not ‘illegals’ because it is not illegal to seek asylum and we are signatories of the refugee convention, we are supposed to take refugees) are seemingly detained indefinitely as they, including pregnant women and children, have been in detention for over 200 days! Not a single claim has been processed. The others are being turned back, possibly to face persecution in their home country, or drowning, while we fuck up our relationship with Indonesia. ‘Illegals’ get no centrelink benefits and inadequate care. Even settled refugees do not have the right to work, they can’t have a job so don’t complain about taxes when they aren’t allowed to pay them. If ‘boat people’ are doing the ‘wrong thing’, then aren’t those who come by plane doing the right thing? If they’re not, I’m sure they get deported. And you’re forgetting the countries going through terrible times with corrupt governments, like Egypt, that are being flooded with refugees while us ‘civilised’ countries are being selfish and pushing our responsibilities on third world countries. Maybe you’re talking about the thousands of people who overstay their visas, that’s actually illegal. And maybe you only understand your level of bogan discourse, in caps so FUCK YOU!!!!!!! AND WE DON’T HAVE FOOD STAMPS, SOCIAL SECURITY, AND ITS CALLED FUCKING CENTRELINK NOT WELFARE!! WE DON’T SPELL SUBSIDIZED WITH A FUCKING Z!!!! YOU COPY AND PASTE THIS FROM AN AMERICAN POST YOU STUPID UNAUSTRALIAN FUCK!!!!! IF YOU LIKE HOW OTHER COUNTRIES DO THINGS WHY DON’T YOU FUCKING MOVE THERE, BECAUSE APPARENTLY WE’RE FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!


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