I can’t believe it’s not satire


But sweet Jesus this was actually posted by a right wing Facebook group.

As someone else said, I didn’t know anyone could be mentally disturbed enough to cause a mass shooting without a gun.
They must be the Magneto kind of mentally disturbed.

Criminals will always have guns? Well guns can turn innocent people into criminals.

Everyone’s law abiding until they shoot someone!
George Zimmerman was so eager to be law abiding he ignored the authorities advice and pursued justice for Trayvon Martins heinous crime of walking in the rain, got himself in a stupid situation and killed somebody.
With a legally owned gun.
He wanted to be a judge.

No, not a mass shooting, but someone suggested ‘without the mass’.

Was it a mentally disturbed little boy that accidentally shot -insert family member here-?
(really, I’ve seen so many news headlines, it’s been their father, their sister, their cousin)
The parents weren’t mentally disturbed either, stupid, yes, but they had every legal ‘right’ to own those guns even if how they stored them MAY have been against laws.

A man was seemingly a law abiding gun owner when he shot dead someone’s collared family pet metres from their car and claimed he thought it was a wild dog.
But no one, at least, wanted to lay the obvious charges that would enforce gun law like he shouldn’t have been driving around with an assembled gun, which it must have been for him to have shot the dog in that time frame.
Some people just shouldn’t own guns, but I don’t know a good enough reason why anyone should.

And when these ‘mass stabbings’ happen it is used as some backwards justification.
20 people can be stabbed, but none of them died.
Kill 20 people in 5 seconds with a knife, then it may make a comparison.
That is what happens with an assault rifle, no one has need of any gun like that because the only purpose it serves is to threaten lives and massacre.
And the only purpose of any gun is to kill – you can’t use them to write or eat so don’t compare them to a fucking pencil or a fork like that’s a weapon of mass slaughter.

If I had a gun, I would not hesitate to shoot the leg of a known threat but I would never ever shoot someone in the head or the chest because that is not my place, I don’t feel entitled to take someone’s life.
But that’s what you want to do if you own a gun, isn’t it?
You’re declaring you are prepared to kill someone.
And at a nice distance too, not necessarily in a fight for your life, when it’s confirmed this intruder, whatever your afraid of, will murder you.
But because I am afraid of intruders, I get nervous at night time and check the corners of the rooms sometimes with a glass or an aerosol in my hand.
That’s not a rational fear – only slightly more rational than thinking your government is suddenly going to do something to warrant gun violence (but are we still crazies for not getting vaccinated?) – yet if I had a gun, I’d probably sleep with it under my pillow.
On paper I’m sure I am a responsible, law abiding gun owner, certainly not clinically mentally disturbed because I don’t go to the doctors 😉
In reality I could so easily jump and cause an accident.
I feel sorry for people walking around with these fears (may I point out, caused by other gun owners) to the point where they can’t live with carrying a gun?
I feel fear, as I said, but a gun would be a crutch enabling my silliness further.

So what if someone else has a gun?
Someone suggested there should be no gun free zones, everyone should carry, like that would somehow stop gun violence?
You see someone pull a gun and shoot someone, you shoot them, someone sees you shooting people and shoots you, soon everyone is shooting each other!
That’s a good way to cause a mass shooting.


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