I still spend a good portion of every week internally ranting about my fuckhead cousins.
I write little hypothetical monologues in response to things people, like my aunt, might say.
I really don’t feel like seeing any of that side of the family in person and I probably won’t even come Christmas.
I felt such a sense of relief when I blocked them and pretty much resolved to forget about them but everyone else is friends with them on Facebook (including mum who wasn’t friends with them before :/) so every time I see an animal rights related thing shared it just makes me sick.
Ironically I didn’t really mind seeing pictures of her, they were nice photos, I think I refrained from liking them because when she likes things to do with me I just feel annoyed and confused.
She doesn’t have the right to have anything to do with me, she shouldn’t have the right to interact with my family.
It’s like a fucking stamp of approval, and I feel like the outcast when I was the one intimidated and belittled.


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