I don’t know wth kids think they’re doing on Facebook….
Under 18s should not have public profiles!!! I couldn’t until I turned 18 because I didn’t lie to Facebook about my age. If you did, you were under 13 when you joined and you aren’t supposed to be.
Okay, I was, but when I turned 13 I changed it to my correct birthdate.
So this girl – I’m not sure how old she is, 14-16 – is having her public (innocent) selfie commented on by a seemingly grown Arabic man, in a different country, she is not even friends with! He’s all like “I want to be your friend”. Let’s not be naive as to why.
Stranger danger much.
I didn’t actually think strangers could *comment* on your public posts – I wanted to find this out to make sure my dumbarse cousins could see but not comment on my feelings, but I couldn’t find anything about it in settings!
Like I thought you could turn your inbox off, as I swear I’ve seen people on Facebook you can’t message, but apparently not so I have to block people all together.
Get yo shit together Facebook this makes no sense.
Don’t I have a right to not receive unsolicited contact?
The ‘other’ folders not really enough, but if anything just inhibits the chances of seeing messages you want to see.
I guess I get spam emails all the time but someone has to get my email address first somehow right?
But I don’t want to be one of those weirdos with their profiles unfindable so that not even my friends can add me? Without my email/phone first? Because like I even want people with my email/phone stalking my social profiles.
Paranoid schizophrenic lyf.
I’ve got a stray . now tha fuck.


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