60 Minutes (Australia) ran a story on unschooling.
I didn’t see it, but I looked on their Facebook page.
A 15 year old American girl was commenting about her success in unschooling, recently having applied for a bachelors degree in neuroscience or something like that.
It makes me feel like a fraud.
I was going to write her a letter, but social anxiety setting in and impulse fading, I didn’t…

Do you feel that your parents helped you become a self-motivated person or that it’s just a natural aspect of your personality?
I’m 18, and have been homeschooled, briefly schooled and unschooled but mostly I just felt alone and have struggled with depression.
I feel like I’ve wasted my life – but that as a child that was my parents responsibility to make good choices for me.
But now as an adult I am still incapable of making decisions and have no independence.
I have no motivation to pursue my goals and I don’t do the things I want to do.
I feel like a failure.

And I’m unhappy. But am I really unhappy just with how I’m living or am I unhappy because of society’s pressures on me to do certain things. It’s this example of another persons life that triggers these feelings of failure, but I don’t want to be a neurosurgeon…
She mentioned often how many friends she has and that she sees them often – I don’t feel unsocialised, I know how to socialise with people and I think I’m friendly and polite. I may be antisocial in that I have a fear or unwillingness to socialise with people, but I don’t really have the patience for people that I think are stupid or mean. I want to have good friends that are good people, I don’t understand why I can’t, I feel like I’ve tried. But again, I want them because it’s something I feel I should have because it’s normal, not that it’s suited to my disposition. ugh, I’m so confused.



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