Something that just occurred to me… Is why the fuck was my cousin so offended that I said I hate her daughter? I didn’t say it TO either of them, and the little bitch had already spent her day treating me like shit so I don’t think anyone was feeling the love, at all, ever, so for hate to suddenly be such an offensive thing makes no sense.
It just means I don’t like you, and I think their behaviour proved they have a disregard for my feelings and no respect for my opinions at least.
That’s definitely not ‘liking’ someone so what is it?
Of course you feel bad if someone doesn’t like you – except she had just said she doesn’t care what anybody thinks!
I don’t know if she even really knows what her mum said but I find that hard to believe, she seemed keen to not leave me alone on her own Facebook so why not through anybody else’s.
I hate that I am the best at handling these situations when they happen, and making good attempts to move on, but I’m left with a dull contempt for the other person and maybe end up thinking about it more than they do weeks later.


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