Wow. I hate these people.

I was just verbally abused by my cousin, probably for using the word hate because apparently thats a strong word… but it’s so easy to use.
Heck, she would have abused me anyway.
And they call *me* immature.
Sometimes I wish I was as uh, unsophisticated, as other when I argue but I can’t help it, I’m a snappy writer – And, I get to enjoy the knowledge that I have never sworn at anybody like that in my (*cough*facebook*cough*) life, I have never been so viciously belittling, I’ve probably never even called someone stupid like that.
It’s not even my first thought – okay, maybe my first thought is “oh, fuck you (delete comment)” but that’s just after you get so many distasteful replies that your blood boils as soon as you get a notification.
My first thought is often to express myself rapidly and with great eloquence.
And, I win. Probably because I’ve blocked them out of fear of continued abuse.
These people are still undoubtedly pettier and meaner than I, and I only hope to make them feel incredibly guilty for how they’ve treated me. Maybe they see through it, but then again I think I’ve always been more sincere when wishing people well than telling them I hate them.
But, I am still afraid that my poor aunt – for whom I probably feel the closest thing to love out of all of those nutters – will get dragged into this, either by her own poor judgment or her gross little family hijacking her account to insult me further which would prove, at least, that they are PSYCHOTIC.



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