I don’t like that apparently ‘Dr Frankenstein’ is in Once Upon A Time.
I haven’t seen any episodes with him in it but I just find it out of place.
It’s not even a myth.
If they wanted to go in a more ‘classic’ direction at least Dracula is a myth based upon a real figure who lived before the novel was written, even if vampires are done to death right now.
Frankenstein is just a novel, and in the novel Frankenstein is not a Dr!
That’s more like one of those Hollywood created ‘myths’ about Frankenstein which does not count and doesn’t make sense for this show!
Frankenstein is not a fairy tale and it is not for children, and all the other characters fall into one of these categories (even others based on novels such as Peter Pan, I believe)
You might as well introduce Heathcliff, Cthulu and Jack Torrence for all it matters then!!!
“All the fairy tale characters you’ve ever heard of” my arse!


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