This right here… Bugs me. Why?


I wanted to say this but it wasn’t a new post or one with a lot of comments or anything

You find these women cosplaying as 12 year olds from a kids game provocative? seductive? Those words are the definition of sexy, fyi.
They are mostly just normal girls dressed modestly, posing modestly, probably wanting to be taken seriously as cosplayers and judged on their ability to embody a character with quality and style, not on their perceived sexual attractiveness or availability!

And I’ve already told these PokeLogic guys I’m sick of pokemon fans being lame and perverse when they were all like “I want to marry this woman”… So called woman being a pantsless fucking 12 yr old CARTOON DRAWING from a children’s anime/game.
(I know animated shows and video games are far more than just for kids and many are inappropriate for kids but this is POKEMON and I’m sure more widely enjoyed by and aimed at children least in western countries)


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