I really really want to devote my time to bettering myself and just can’t seem to.
I want to do push-ups.
I want to run.
I want to swim.
I want to kick box and Zumba.
I want to be able to touch my toes!
I want to learn a foreign language.
I want to sew my own clothes.
I want to go to dance classes and singing lessons.
And I want to do something with my talents.
I want a portfolio.
I want a script written.
I want a book published.
I want a page in a magazine.
I want a fashion show.
I want my own Facebook page! But I feel lame.
I ‘want’ to get my driving permit and my mum said I could do it in a week but I haven’t studied yet…
And I haven’t signed up for lessons, and I haven’t learnt a foreign language, and I haven’t sewn shit.


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