I think I’ve said how I was thinking of cutting cows milk out of my diet.
Almond milk was horrible. Have yet to try soy, rice… I don’t think I’d like coconut, and my sister is allergic to soy and likes rice milk.
But, I drink glasses of cows milk!!
I don’t think I could ever drink a glass of non-cows milk, not that I need to.
It’s comforting though.
I thought maybe it would be easier to cut milk out all together – no cereal with milk, no coffee (with milk but I doubt I can drink black, I hate ‘hot water drinks’)… Ok there’s no substitute for cheese, right? And it’s so delicious!
I hate toast in the morning, too dry, so I thought crumpets and a glass of water for breakfast every morning then, yummy…
But I’m trying to cut out gluten. I’m on gluten free bread which is only good for toast anyway.
Diets are so hard, I also probably shouldn’t have
And then there’s the avoiding everything that contains palm oil


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