Let Them Eat Cat

Well, I’d link the Facebook post but I’m honestly not sure how / can’t be bothered.
Basically South Korea boils cats alive.
Yeah, sickening. ‘Wrong’.
Let’s make everything better by signing petitions and calling foreigners slanty eyes cunts!!
So I wrote this…

Wait, who are the stupid ignorant foreigners here? We are the ones trying to impose our views on these other countries with no right to and a naive expectation they will listen to us!? Nuh-uh, especially if we carry on like fucking savages with racist remarks!
I am against their sadistic treatment of these animals, but it makes little difference to me whether they’re eating a dog or a cow… How about how they treat their cows? Do they even have cows? If you wanted them to treat the cats & dogs with the same level of care as our farm animals, that’s good enough.
Why on earth shouldn’t they eat them at all? It sounds like your pushing a vegetarian agenda on a country of meat-eating traditions.
Your petitions are ideal, I’d love if they didn’t actually eat them, but that’s an unrealistic ideal.
Have the leaders of these countries ever shown signs of caring for animals, do they often introduce progressive laws? They’ll probably laugh at you or be quite offended!!
I think I would be if a rag-tag group of activists from a bunch of bloated dumb over privileged western countries tried to tell my country to throw away an entire trade, an entire food source, and treat it like cuddly pets and also make everyone a vegan, honestly!

Because we treat those types of animals as pets everyone else has to!?!?!? NO.
Pigs are as intelligent and as cute but yum fucking yum bacon.
And no one cares about that!

To be honest I’ve been going off meat lately but that’s not a choice, it’s just what I feel like eating lately – I can eat a meat pie but not a rissole, a burger but not chicken pasta bake (apart from the pasta lol)


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