I think I’ve finally figured out what he meant by “you tell me”….. He meant “why the fuck would I want to spend time with you!?” because now, I’m a bitch, I’m deficient.
I, as he put it, ‘lashed out’ at him.


I was being quite sincere, douche!
Now I’m just left wondering why I’m telling this to you and not to him…
Because I don’t want to fight? I don’t want to make up either because I’m obviously going to be pissed off with everything he says and harbour resentment.

I think this was the result of a number of topics surrounding me lately and really bad timing.
Why people would want to date me, men not taking no for an answer, what porn looks like and is that how men see all women, I ended up relating to girls who starved themselves so men wouldn’t like them!
I’m sure friends and I have sheesh’d each other, and the answer I think is I simply feel uncomfortable regarding this guy, at least right now.
So I need to find a way to tell him I don’t want to talk to him anymore and not bloody apologise for it.

“I think I don’t really feel like socialising and we’ll have to say goodbye.”?
It’s not like I want to delete him off Facebook or anything but that’s what people tend to do if you cut one of any ties with them…
“I don’t want to text anymore”? Sounds colder, right ?
“I don’t feel like texting anymore”?


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