I knew I’d tell him to fuck off sooner or later but I hoped it would be after I got my dvd back

“Anyway ill cya tomoz?”
(I’m a bit taken aback) “Will you?”
“If you want to… yes.”
(I didn’t reply for a while, I had a baby on me. I said it was going to rain tomorrow. He just replies with what we could do.
I’m busy with getting ready for bed and actually having time to myself and sleeping at a normal hour.
This morning, I’m honestly coughing and sneezing, I say…)
“I miiight be getting a cold…” (to hint that I don’t want him to get sick, maybe another day)
“As I said, if you want to or not sheesh. So no?”
(Very friendly, very polite, I’d just love to spend time with this person alone. Also, stop fucking putting words in my mouth, guy. I had more I could say to him but that would have definitely ended the friendship and perhaps unfairly…)
“Why are you so eager to spend time with someone you obviously find difficult in some way (sheesh!?)”

When a guy is impatient or rude in his eagerness to see me, I’m left wondering wtf his agenda is.
No thanks, I don’t want to get raped. I’m not going to have sex with you. You obviously don’t like my personality.
Maybe this guy didn’t mean it like that but it’s not like I’m dying to hang out with him or enjoy his pestering, I was just being nice.
I was trying to be more open to new relationships (when every fibre of my being is screaming no leave me alone)
And the response I get is, ‘sheesh’.
Fucking go sheesh yourself.
We could have gone to gold class cinema like you suggested, that sounded really nice, if either of us could fucking drive.
But I don’t need to see you every week, yeah it’s been a while now but I don’t hang with most of my friends once a year!!

Oh, and now… his reply (to ‘why are you so eager…?’)
“You tell me” wtf?
I’m not sure if he understands… or if he’s expecting this to play out a certain way like a romcom.
Anything I say is going to make me sound a lunatic to him, not that I should care but I did meet him through mutual friends, and he works with my sisters boyfriend.
Because you’re going to rape me? Because you’re after sex? Because you’re in love with me (*spew*)?
Or, more calmly, more reasonably, more considerately, yet still not understood by the lower intelligence I may be dealing with…
It’s not my place to tell you what you want or what you’re feeling.
But I haven’t said anything, I don’t know what to say, or if I should bother replying to that.
Lets see if he ‘reminds me’ with one of his trademark ‘hii’s… (aka hey bitch why arent you paying attention to me its not like you have a life or anything wah wah wah poor me im just sitting here staring at my phone because i like your boobs so much why arent you grateful for the attention)


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