So that is something I just posted on Facebook… What I’d also like to point out might get me in a little trouble with vegans
They do it solely for food to live on and as bloody as it looks they are severing the spinal cord so the animal dies within 30 seconds, not too dissimilar from our farming practices.
And then I’d also like to say
go eat a hamburger
brb eating bacon
And then I could go on an insane rant about how
People say “I want future generations to know these creatures” as protest to whaling, as if (in this particular case) killing a couple hundred un-endangered whales a year is going to wipe them out forever. If we are smart and monitor their population and don’t over hunt, it should never be a concern. Do you also say “I want my children to know the majesticness of cows”? At least whales and dolphins get to go and live and breed in the wild instead of being raped like our cattle… Actually they might get raped, dolphins are the rapists of the sea. They’ve also been known to kill other dolphins for sport, not for food. And here we are protesting the hunting of them for sport or food! Ironic. Fucking dolphins.


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