I’m feeling very conflicted about vegan ism and such.
For starters, sometimes vegans are just being fucking ridiculous.
No, I cannot see the desperation in it’s eyes, it’s face is completely blank, and it’s not kept in that cage for life, it’s there while it’s fed so it can’t pinch the other cows food, and then it’s let out.
Would you like me to yell at you whenever you tease your dog or put your cat in the laundry?
Also, I think we should eat meat.
And I love milk – but that’s easily worked around with almond, coconut, rice or soy milks, I’m already used to drinking lactose free so hopefully it’s not too different.
But then if I make the decision to not drink cows milk… Because of the impregnation of the cows, or the killing of bobby calves, or the possibly unfounded rumours of pus in the cows udders (which are obviously engorged tho)?
Then do I have to not eat veal?
Or not eat beef all together?
I don’t really have a problem with how they treat (free- range) chickens, so do I eat chicken & fish only?
What about lamb? I have no idea how they treat sheep.
I don’t eat pork, except for bacon…
Is the occasional bacon contributing to animal cruelty?
How will I stand life without mcdonalds cheeseburgers?
Is eating a little meat here and there really contributing to animal cruelty and is abstaining doing anything to stop it?
The cut of meat I don’t buy will be consumed by the next person.
It’s merely a moral choice for myself, to make myself feel better.
What’s the point! I want to eat meat, I want the meat to be treated well. That won’t happen from me not eating meat, unless everyone stops eating meat.
So we’re back to the milk – which is more about a personal health choice of people not supposed to be drinking milk, and the possibility of pus in the milk, and yes the poor conditions of the dairy cows but realistically my decision won’t affect that.
But then it’s still, what about at work? What about at cafés? I guess I’ve lived off it for years, it’s not going to make a huge difference to me.
Then I’m like, why make the effort now?
Basically om nom nom.

I googled re the pus thing.
First I found someone saying pus is ‘somatic cells’ and that a litre of milk can have a quart (whatever that is, american) in it.
But then I found this guy.
And then I Wikipedia’d somatic cells and they are ‘any cell making up the body’ or something.
So it’s all like whatever.
I need to get ready for work now, which involves cereal & milk.


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