I am having le terrible day.
My entire body aches from how tense I am and I’ve been reduced to making growling and whining noises whenever something displeases me.
Everything’s giving me the shits, I am completely unsatisfied and stuck trolling Facebook instead of doing productive things.
I’m not even trolling effectively as I’m too scared to say anything even though they deserve it and it’s true, and I won’t even be social because I don’t want to ‘talk too much’.
I’ve already let a slight bit of crazy slip and that’s just how everyone will take it and ignore it instead of caring about who I am and my opinions.
But I can’t call other people out on their shit, I’m also ignored.
My infamous aunt shared something about pink slime, I linked to a snopes article about ‘the truth’ and merely said ‘fascinating read’, instead of ‘hey you’re being stupid again this is what comes up if you google it before sharing like a mindless zombie’.
Totes ignored.
Then my sister, bless her, said “that’s why I only eat chicken that looks like chicken” HURR DURR SO SMRAT.
And my aunt fucking liked it.
Not mine.
You’re fucking kidding me, that looks like pink cake mix, not remotely a sanitary or factory like environment and wasteful which is the opposite of what they’re aiming for by processing animal bones down to the last scrap of tissue (NOT the actual bones, let alone eyes)
The page she shared from was ‘esoteric wisdom’………
More like esoteric bullshit, specialised knowledge meaning lies because you want to live in a minority report fantasy land instead of caring about real fucking issues, and not in some pansy way, actually DOING something.

I keep seeing it and getting pissed off again and typing more and then hesitating and not bothering…
Like so.

It is crazy. And almost entirely untrue. And any basic internet search can tell you that. But you’d have everyone believe this esoteric BULLSHIT. ‘Specialised knowledge’? ‘Truth’? You don’t want to know the truth!! You want to spread misinformation (aka lies) because you’re a mindless piece of shit who shares everything they see as long as it’s COMPLETELY ILLOGICAL.
Unsourced hyperbole, not that they seem to know or care that they are exaggerating if not outright twisting the facts, paired with random images (pink cake batter?) designed to shock HELP NO ONE. You will learn nothing from it but hopefully how fucking dumb you are, how gullible the masses are (not the awakened few as you’d like to think of yourself), and how some miserable fuckers are trolling you making these things up.
Actually, that last one is probably you. Step away from the computer and grow up.

Anyway rest of my day has also been shit…
Butchered a pair of my shorts trying to cut the hem and it just went bizarrely wrong and I can’t fix it.
Had to constantly dodge dad and his stuff and tolerate ( not really) when he dared to open his mouth and have sound come out at all, and the bloody television.
So hopefully I can buy a new pair of the same shorts and try again…
Or get mum to do it for me.
She’ll probably fuck up too.
In fact if I had the fucking FREEDOM, if I (actually, I’ll blame my parents) hadn’t fucked up and wasted my life, I’d go to the shops and buy some now because I won’t get to tomorrow, I’ll be working and then I’ll finish and dad will walk me to the car and drive me home.
I’ll probably be too tired to do anything else anyway, but I’d like to feel like I have the choice, and also the choice to go home when I want to instead of having to hang around, follow someone like a puppy, and feel like shit, be thirsty or hungry and not feeling able to buy myself a coke or chips because I’m not in control of where I go, when I leave, or what I’ll be having for tea at which time.
I’ve obviously needed this independence for so long, always felt the need, and not been enabled in the way required or given the resources to do so comfortably.

I hate mum. I hate dad. I hate scissors. I hate work. I hate my sore knee. I hate my wrist that feels like it’s going to snap. I hate needing to pee. I hate being so thirsty. I hate having my period. I hate needing to have my period. I hate being unable to have my period. I hate esoteric wisdom. I hate carol. I hate employment options. I really fucking hate carol.
(Carol answered the phone at employment options and was sarcastic and rude AND dumb and useless)


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