People be fucking whack today.
First there was this woman who told everyone nit picking over a story she found touching to get a life because theirs is obviously little and petty and miserable.
Then she spent the next 10-20 minutes of her life telling everyone who saw it differently than her or who weren’t touched (why the fuck do they have to be, it’s a fake story I’ve seen hundreds of times) to go kill themselves which was really vindictive and LITTLE and PETTY and MISERABLE and she clearly hasn’t GOT A LIFE.
I don’t either, obviously, but I didn’t go around telling everyone else to get one.
Then this chick on tumblr, who’s apparently gone all mopey and hiatus anyway, guilt tripped a boy (a celebrity/stranger!) into saying nice things to her, because even though he does on a regular basis, she can’t deal with her own insecurities and keep them to herself, putting the impetus on other people to validate her over and over again, like he is the one not doing enough to make her feel good about herself and her problems are his responsibility.
She basically tweeted directly at him “i don’t care how much you tell me I’m pretty it’s not good enough”.
And I actually typed that whole reply to her before I realised who it was and that she has thousands of followers and the aforementioned mopey ness.
But bitch needs to realise how pathetic she is because… I’m cranky, that’s why.
I need to go to bed, I’ve had to turn my first alarm off because I won’t make 8 hours of sleep now but taking into account the time before I doze off I won’t make it before second alarm either.


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